{Valentine’s Day} DIY Craft: Cards

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, YEAH!  I have had the house decorated for a month.  Pink, red and white tablecloths, hand towels, paper plates and candles. I love this holiday. It is fun, involves chocolate and gifts from sweethearts. This is one of my favorite quick and easy ways to decorate for the holidays.  Buy seasonal candy (candy corns, sweethearts, gum drops) dump them into a large class candle holder and sent your candle in it.  Total cuteness!

The past several Valentine’s Day have been spent in Puerto Rico on our yearly family winter vacation. This year’s vacation is not scheduled during Valentine’s Day and from the reaction I got from the girls, you would have thought I was the best Mom ever. The girls were so excited when they found out they wouldn’t be missing their school party and card exchange. They couldn’t be happier! Wow!

The talk around our house is all about what Valentine cards they will be giving to their friends.  They wanted something more than “just a card”.  Of course they did. I saw this great idea in Family Fun Magazine and thought it was kind of cleaver and easy to do with all of the kids ages 3, 6 and 8. The 8-year-old completing it on their own while the 6 and 3 year would need a little assistance along the way.

Since I read the article I have been trying to keep my eye open for roll candy that isn’t too expensive as we need about 53 pieces total for all three classes.  I loved the idea of Rolos and Lifesavers but couldn’t find them in bulk.  I did come across these oversized Smarties at the grocery store for $2.49 a bag.  Perfect.  Also, I will save and send in the packaging to each class as any food items sent into school must include the ingredients list.  The great thing about Smarties is it contains no gluten, milk, egg, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts or soybeans so it is a good treat for all the students.  Also each roll only contains 70 calories and 0% fat so it is a little guilt free treat for myself too! 🙂

And for the adults….how could I forget my 5 AM running peeps come Valentine’s Morning??? Here is the idea using Clif ‘s Shot Blocks:  

Like I said…I love this holiday!

Some helpful tips for creating Valentine’s for the little ones in your house:

1) Our 3-year-old loves tracing letters but can’t form the alphabet all on her own yet.  She insisted on purchasing those tiny little Valentine’s Day cards but they are soooooo small there is no way that she would be able to write on them.  Use larger envelopes for those teeny tiny Valentine cards and so there is lots of room for your child to write.  Using a pencil, write the friend’s name on the envelope so your child can trace with a red or pink marker.  Remember at this age all capital letters are best.

2) In the past I have talked the girls into photo cards as Valentines.  I have them dress up and wear red holding up a sign that says “Happy Valentine’s Day “. They pick out the design on the computer and voila a great-looking Valentine that you can pick up at one of your favorite retailers. The nice thing about photo cards is that the envelope and cards are big enough to write on with a sharpie.  I couldn’t get away with it this year. All three girls wanted the $2.00 boxed Valentine’s from Target.

I am thrilled that the girls enjoy Valentine’s Day as much as I do.  Well, I love any holiday.  As soon as Monday is in the past onto St. Patrick’s Day.  Put away the pink and red and bring out the green and white.  (In our house it is extra special as it is also my husbands birthday, even more reason to celebrate!)


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