{dark days} Week 10: My Miso Obsession

Editor’s Note: This is the 10th week of a 4 1/2 month challenge, Dark Days, a pledge taken by 88 blogs spanning the country, to eat one meal a week as sustainable, organic, local and ethical possible.  This week is yours truly and my miso obsession. – Christina

Its miso madness month in my house. Remember I mentioned TWO jars of South River Co.’s miso in my frig? Well I was so inspired by the miso chicken soup I couldn’t wait to use miso paste again. More specifically, the Azuki Bean Miso jar sitting all alone on the top shelf of my frig. It was perfect for a dark days challenge meal as its made about 100 miles from my home. How could I resist?

To be honest, I have made this onion miso soup twice in two weeks; it’s that good AND my 2-year-old son LOVES it. He is a big fan of briny flavors so he was all over it. In addition, I’ve fed leftovers to friends and they loved it. Soup and a big piece of crusty bread and nothing satsifies more  during cold, very SNOWY winter months.  I got inspired when I saw an onion soup recipe on the jar and it got me drooling. I had been craving French Onion Soup, but without the melty Gruyère cheese baguette* it just isn’t the same, so the miso aspect sounded like an interesting departure. I had to take onions for one of my two mandatory items for my weekly Kilpatrick Family Farm winter share, so it was meant to be. I decided to slightly adapted the recipe, use a stock instead of water and add the step of a juice or wine to bulk up the flavor profile of the onions and add a few pieces of winter veg for more heft.

Onion Miso Soup
adapted by South Miso Co.’s “Onion Soup” recipe on Azuki Bean jar

4 large onions or 6 small/medium medium dice (Kilpatrick Family Farm)
2 Tbs Olive Oil (“localish” from Dancing Ewe Farm)

1/4 cup apple or white grape juice or white wine (not local: store-bought apple juice)
1 Qt chicken or veggie stock (homemade from Brookside Farm chicken)
3 carrots, small dice (optional) (Kipatrick Family Farm)
2 sunchokes, small dice (optional) (Kilpatrick Family Farm)

5 Tbs Azuki Bean Miso Paste (about 100 miles from my house –South River Co.)

DIRECTIONS: Use a dutch oven or small soup pot and add both tablespoons of olive oil, warm on medium heat and add onions. Cook, stirring frequently and scrap bottom of pan, until they get brown & carmelized- NOT BURNT (YUCK)- this takes about 20-30 minutes. Add the apple/white grape juice or white wine and cook down until almost absorbed. Add the quart of stock. Cook until hot and if you like you’re onion soup blended together, which I do, use an immersion blender. I suggest only pulsing the blender a few times, don’t blend the entire soup as you want a some of the diced onions show through. Add the veg if using and then the miso paste. Do not boil the miso paste; just incorporate the veg & paste and serve immediately.

To complete the dinner we ate a roasted chicken from Brookside Farm and roasted potatoes & brussel sprouts from Kilpatrick Family Farm. Salt & pepper used in the roasted veggies are not local. Seen below:

Option #1:  Instead of the chicken, add cooked quinoa to the soup for some protein. I had it that way for lunch today and it was delightfully filling.

Option #2: Serve with toasted crusty bread from your local bakery, like local favorite Rockhill Bakehouse.

*My 2-year-old son has life-threatening food allergies to dairy, soy, tree nuts and peanuts. This particular miso paste is soy-free.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Celia says:

    That sounds fabulous. I have searched all over for that miso to no avail. BUT, I found out I can order it online! Not exactly local, but still awesome.

  2. Dianna says:

    I can hardly wait for my lay off so I can really cook! Thanks for the great recipe.

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