{soup swap} Farmgirl Susan’s Garlic Lover’s White Bean Soup

{Sarah’s soup was so good that I forgot to shoot it until my bowl was almost empty!! -Christina}

I love soup.  I’ll be the first to admit it.  I could eat soup almost every night during the colder months along with a grilled cheese sandwich.  It’s a comfort food and so tasty and warm.  When Chris first told us about possibly doing an event for National Soup Swap Day, I was ecstatic.  Soup, soup, soup.  Almost as much as loving soup, I love making soup and then freezing it in quart containers for quick weeknight meals.  This sounded like a perfect event and a great opportunity for me to get some new soup ideas from my blogging buddies.  Yes, soup swap!

I frequently make different chicken stock based soups.  I love them.  They are easy.  They freeze really well and last but not least, I’m pretty darn good at making them.  But, when faced with making four quarts of soup for our event, I decided that this was a good opportunity for me to push myself out of the box and making something outside of the norm.  Besides, when you’re cooking along side Chris, Alexis, Amanda & Leslie there is a pretty good chance that they already know how to make the basics so this was another reason to raise the bar.  I scoured the internet for different ideas.  Nothing was really catching my eye.  I finally visited the official Soup Swap website.  Jackpot.  There are a whole plethora of soup ideas on this site.  Bingo!

After much ooogling over the different recipes I finally decided on Farmgirl Susan’s Garlic Lover’s White Bean Soup. I’m in love with white beans right now.  I’ve been making tons of humus, white bean dip, chicken and white bean chili.  They are another one of the things that I just love in the winter so this looked like a yummy soup that would freeze relatively well for the soup swap event.  For a change I followed the recipe off the blog almost to a T.  It was so easy and didn’t call for a lot of demanding ingredients that would require a special trip to the store.  I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even need to start with a stock of any sort.  Just lots of water.

I did puree about 2/3 of the mixture as the recipe suggested and kept about 1/3 of the chunky goodness out to add back in post puree.  While I love a pureed soup, I was glad I decided to follow this set of directions on the recipe.  Next time I may actually reduce the pureed portion of the soup to about 1/2.  I like the chunky veggies.  I can say that even my son liked the soup since it was a bean puree and he could pick the big carrots out.  I’ll definitely be making it again as it was a stick to your bones hearty winter soup!


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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this soup! 🙂

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