{WNIMKW} Tea, Tea, Everywhere is Tea!

Editor’s Note: What’s New in My Kitchen Wednesdays, is a weekly series where we weave a personal story with a review of a beloved or new “item” in our kitchen, in our glass or on our plate. -Christina

{tins-o-tea and mark bittman cookbooks….perfect together}

Tea is not really new to my kitchen, but more of a rekindled romance.  I’m a caffeine addict.  I admit it.

I swear by coffee throughout my mornings to get me through.  And as an adult I also encountered the joys of tea.  For some reason, for me, tea is more acceptable in the evenings after dinner.  If I brewed a pot of coffee I would have to out-and-out admit even louder that I have a caffeine problem.  With tea, I find it to be slightly less obvious! Ha!

{my work horse}

Anyway, I’m digressing.  Again, as an adult I discovered the joys of tea.  I learned to buy better tea bags and then even ventured into the world of loose teas from some of our local tea shops in the area such as The Whistling Kettle.  Unfortunately, for some reason I seem to go in fits and starts with tea so often times I don’t use up the expensive loose tea before it looses it’s luster.  So I’ve resorted back to tea bags, but again have been trying to stick with the better ones.  I’m a huge fan of Stash teas.  It’s really affordable and available at just about any grocery store.

For the holidays I was given a gift set of tea from Harney and Sons.  The set I received comes complete with the following tins of tea: English Breakfast, Hot Cinnamon Spice, Chinese Flower and Winter White Earl Grey.  I tried a couple.  Good tea, not bad, not bad at all. And then I tried the Hot Cinnamon Spice.  I can tell you that I haven’t gone back to the others since I tried this particular variety.  It’s the perfect blend of spice, sweet and warm all in your mouth at the same time!  I am currently brewing my very last tea bag of this delicious tea and I will be purchasing more momentarily.  It’s that good!

If you haven’t tried it and are a tea fan, I highly recommend it.  It’s what’s new in my kitchen since the holidays and I’m loving it!!



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  1. Ha! I do the same thing – make black tea in the evenings rather than brew a pot of coffee, that is. Although my four-year old refers to my tea selections as “coffee-tea”, so I don’t think I’m fooling anyone.

    Oh – and I found your site totally by accident, and it makes me want to find (or maybe form) a similar group in my area. Love your site.

  2. Celia says:

    I love my coffee, but I have tea daily as well. When I lived in the Northwest I’d make trips up to get tea in Victoria, BC, at Murchie’s. (They have a veritable WALL of tea!) I usually get Yorkshire tea because I got addicted to it when I lived in England, but I’m also in love with Republic of Tea varieties when I want something a little different.

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