{photo diary} Sugar Cookies on a Snow Day

We had a snowstorm today. It was supposed to be gigantic. It still left a foot of snow + a half-foot from yesterday but still it wasn’t the 2+ feet of snowing-all-day event that the meteorologists were predicting. We needed a project for today…playdo animals- check! New track set-up on the train table- check! Large floor puzzle of trucks- done! Farm animals sleeping in the farm & house & Silo- check check check! Now what…

As previously stated in my miso soup post, Miles & I have been watching Ratatoille almost on constant repeat. This is an exaggeration, but it feels that way because all he wants to do it cook or eat. There is no complaining here, trust me.

My mom gave us the movie a few months ago month and I laughed it off, as I often do when my mom suggestions something (sorry mom!). Why would he want to watch this? Well, I was wrong. Miles had a connection to this movie the first time I hit play. Cooking. His mom is always in the kitchen and now so it Linguine & Remi. I have been amazed at the transformation; he has gone from an adventurous eater to a inquisitive cook. “Scallop” “Soup” “Whisking”- he screams at the screen. He cooks along with Remi (the culinary genius rat) at his plastic, bought for 3 dollars no-thrills kitchen purchased last fall. Now  He is asking to cook with me. So now a days I pull up a small step stool and let him “cook” alongside me.

Until today. I decided to make a go as making sugar cookies. Miles’ favorite book right now is “Milk & Cookies” a song turned into a book from his Kindermusik class. We read it at EVERY meal. It follows the steps of making sugar cookies. Today was the day to sing along with our own cookie making experience. It went VERY well. He wanted to help for about 5 minutes then he was done. Miles would go off and play on his train table and once I started a new “step” like rolling out the dough he was game to help. I used a just recently posted recipe from allergy-free cooking guru, Cybele Pascal where she writes a regular column for Marth Stewart’s Whole Living. If you didn’t know this quick tip; Martha is VERY allergy friendly. She has “allergy friendly” keys in the back of her Everyday Foods magazine, and frequently has allergy-friendly recipes in Whole Living too.

It worked just fine, except that I have made sugar cookies only once in my life and rolled them out too thin. Can anyone say burnt? His grandparents are coming over right now to enjoy a cup of rice milk & a cookie! Lucky boy indeed.


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  1. Oh, Ratatouille, what a great movie! My daughter loves it too and always wants to make soup while we’re watching it (also, are there many things cuter than a 4-yr old saying mirepoix?). She’s very inspired by Big Night – my husband is Italian and we see his family a couple of times a week and they *really* love to cook, so yeah, we watch Big Night quite often. Things will get really interesting when I get around to introducing her to my South American roots.

    And double Oh for Cybele Pascal – I had no idea she wrote a column for Martha Stewart! I am so in love with her Baker’s Handbook that I don’t get my nose out of it long enough to read anything else. I am so addicted to her sponge cake . . .

    1. Christina says:

      Ohh Big Night. Never seen it….just put it in my Netflix cue. It would be nice to get Miles out of the Ratatoille constant re-play. But seriously, it really is cute to see him learning about food in this medium. I never even thought about it being educational at all… boy, was I wrong. He remembers so much food-related stuff from that movie its amazing.

      I wish we could have big cookouts with our family, SUCH a good idea. My mom is Italian….and I believe they used to have a big meal night. Miles allergies prevents us from doing it but maybe I should start offering to host it at the house. GOOD IDEA!

      Oh Cybele Pascal is awesome. Are you dealing with food allergies in your family?

  2. Oh, you MUST watch Big Night! If you have any Italian in you at all, you will appreciate it on many different levels. (Not to mention just for the sake of seeing Campbell Scott and Tony Shalub in a movie together!)

    My husband and I both have autoimmune issues that are exacerbated by wheat and dairy (especially my husband). Our daughter has no allergies or intolerances that we’re aware of. However, I have a niece who suffers from life-threatening allergies to dairy, eggs, gluten, peanuts and tree nuts; intolerances to corn and soy; and was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s. She is my allergy-free muse. (And my daughter is a very willing guinea pig.) We also have a neighbor girl who is allergic to gluten and dairy, and I share goodies with her as often as I can (I’m a prolific baker).

    Weaning our household off of wheat has been pretty easy, so now I’m s-l-o-w-l-y phasing gluten out as well.

    1. Christina says:

      Wow- you have A LOT of experience with food allergies. My son sounds like your niece; just swap the eggs for soy. Makes me sad hearing about another kiddo who has such immune system breakdown. I don’t know about your niece but my son also has severe ezcema and asthma which takes his “life-threatening” to a new level. Miles COMPLETELY stopped growing or developnig cognitivly before we stopped all wheat & gluten in our house. He was totally stunted between 12-18 months. Within three weeks of eliminating from his diet, he gained 3 pounds and was talking up a storm! Its truly unbelievable what food can do to a body. I wish you guys all the best.

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