{WNIMK} Whirley Poppin’ Magic

Editor’s Note: We have been lackluster at best with this so-called weekly post. Our last entry was Leslie’s spiced wine find at the beginning of December. Let’s blame the holidaze. Why not.; as we make another go at it. This time its serious. For any new readers (hello fellow WordPress bloggers) What’s New in My Kitchen Wednesdays, is a weekly post where we weave a personal story with a review of a beloved “product” in our kitchen, in our glass or on our plate. This week, my popcorn madness courtesy of Alexis. -Christina

Alexis got me soo hooked (and soon burnt-out) on a perfect snack for Miles, popcorn with nutritional yeast or curry or brown sugar or plain! At almost every toddler playdate Alexis serves up a big bowl of fluffy popcorn that Miles & I gobble up in minutes. I was never a popcorn fan, hence my blind spot to its wonder, as my only vague memories are of  horrible buttery & soggy stuff that gets passed off as food at movie theaters or burnt microwave kernels that sometimes (all the time) got stuck in my braces. Never ate the stuff as an adult. Ever.

That was until Alexis and her Whirley Pop came along…

She would show me the gleaming, stovetop example of fine popcorn-making-craftsmanship. Alexis then explained how she and her daughter make popcorn; add is a half cup of kernels, a tablespoon or two of canola oil, set the burner to medium heat and crank the handle continuously (which is where her 2 year old daughter’s help comes in). Pour corn into a bowl. Let sit for second then serve. To clean, just wipe with a clean towel. That’s it. (Full disclosure: There are varying instructions depending on your stove type.)

So fast forward Christmas 2010, what was sitting in a beautiful reusable gift bag for me? Wabash Valley Farms’ Genuine Whirley Pop!

Ohh goodie goodie goodie! Mine mine mine…alll mine!

Since we eat almost nothing out of a box, where corn is omnipresent, I’m not worried about Miles overdosing on corn products (read Omnivore’s Dilemma for the story of corn). This has become a weekly staple in our house. I’m hoping we won’t burn out because making it is sooo easy and the options are endless. I even made a batch for MJ’s 2nd birthday party- crowd pleaser with the 2-3 set.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Leslie says:

    Oh, my gosh, I have a Whirlypop, too, and we LOVE it! 🙂 It’s the best popcorn!

  2. 4megsmusing says:

    The popcorn with nutritional yeast intrigues me. Do you just sprinkle it on? Do you add anything else?

  3. thea says:

    Oh how romantic your post makes popcorn and this cute maker seem! Love the pictures! My son Trey got an air popcorn maker for xmas and we have used it numerous times already. It is cool to watch but nowhere as sweet as this whirly popper 🙂

  4. Stacy says:

    I had a “recipe” to mix nutmeg, cayenne, and something else — wish I could remember or find it! Even though it had NO sugar, it tasted sweet. Just sprinkle on the hot popcorn. The options are really endless.

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