{Weekend Reading} 2010 Reflection Edition

Sooo I’m using an excuse card today, please excuse this short (and tardy) Weekend Reading post. It’s my only child’s birthday, Miles Jae, and we are all party-crazy this weekend. Birthdays take on a whole new meaning when your child suffers from multiple life-threatening food allergies. Twelve months in the book, without ER visit, seems monumental and special…

The blog will be chock-full this week! Tomorrow I’ll be back with a proper weekend reading and my New Year Resolution post. Sarah & I will post our Dark Days Challenge meals. An oldie but goodies will be back on the weekly rotation, What’s New in Your Kitchen, and Leslie will have a delish carrot roasted carrot spread and much more! -Christina

There are soooo many good lists of “Top Food Stories of 2010” out there in Bloggy Land. I’m gonna link to a handful because each one brings very different, very interesting stories to read. Some are humorous, some are serious– all are informative!

On Salon.com, Senior Writer Francis Lam’s best food stories of 2010– if you read only two of these lists: This. Is. It.For.Funny. Especially his rant about food trucks- genius.

The other one you need to read is Bay Area Bites’ Blog with their First 5, and Second 5. This is a very serious top 10 with MANY AMAZING links which educate & enlighten. Seriously good linkage.

On Huffington Post, Program Manager of Slow Food USA wrote a “7 Things I Learned About Food in 2010“.

Eating Well’s Top 5. Interesting list because it focuses on nutrition & health.

Civil Eat’s 2010 Round Up.

Finally, LA Times‘ slide show “Best of” list.

Let’s look back on a handful of weekend reading links from 2010…

Let’s mock fun at this year’s crazy-insane heart-attack-inducing fast food products (Can you say Double Down? Or McRib? Or Sausage Pancake Bites?).

How about that about that massive egg recall?

Fast Food’s packaging contains chemicals leaching into the food.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is different than regular sugar.

A whole topic onto itself: Class & Food. “What Food Says About Class in America”, written by Lisa Miller, explores the heightened interest in all things food and the subcategories like local/sustainable/DYI movement in the context of class in America. This article also has a photo series, The Great Food Divide, to accompany it. Another one: Washington Post article “The New Front in the Culture Wars: Food” by Jane Black and Brent Cunningham. Lastly,  Junking Junk Food by Judith Warner for the NYTimes.

Let’s rejoice and lather with a lavender-scented bar of hope; Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, S.510 with Tester, mandatory meat & poultry nutrition labels for Big Ag, San Francisco’s ban on toys in Happy Meals, LA’s ban on plastic baggies, and finally, what about that 11 year old who spoke at the TED conference about big food? Locally, a Community Support Bakery started in Albany, Albany is thinking about allowing chickens back into backyards, Troy got a grocery store– residents can say goodbye to their food desert and Saratoga City Schools are making all school lunches from scratch (awesome article by Drew Kerr), including lettuce from Kilpatrick Family Farms- Woo hoo!

I do believe there is a sea change happening. It took our country 50 years to get this far away from real food, knowing how its grown/over-processed/produced/treated/slaughtered/packaged that we should expect a rapid change but a slow steady stream of change for the better. Here’s to 2011- Onward & Upward!


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