{New Year} Organization 911!

Editor’s Note: To read more of Leslie’s successes in organization, read her two posts (one and two) on meal planning. -Christina

I’m not sure what it is about this New Year, but I am really feeling the new-ness. In the past, I have never really been into making a resolution. This year, though, my brain is swimming with so many things I want to do, improve, learn, and experience. Much of my list is rather predictable…exercise more, cut back on coffee, keep up with housework. Then there are a bunch of random, change-my-habits sorta things, like not getting sucked into my computer so much, actually putting away the laundry once I fold it, replying to emails in a timely fashion, calling my long-distance friends more regularly. Last, there are projects that I would really love to get done this year…catching up on photo albums (the last photo chronicled was when my 3-year-old was 3 months old), de-cluttering and organizing our entire house.

Really, I just want to feel like my life is more organized. It feels like I should have a good amount of time to get done all that I’d like to each day, but once you throw in keeping track of two kiddos, housework, and cooking three meals basically from scratch, the time whittles away fast. As someone who never actually has had any organized tendencies, I feel that I have some serious learning to do. I came across one helpful tool during my internet hunt for tips last night. Motivated Moms sells a PDF planner for $8 that gives you a daily checklist of a handful of small chores/tasks to do each day. The idea is that consistently doing little things will add up to a clean, organized house/mind/life. It even includes steps for meal planning so I can stay on track! I shelled out the eight bucks, and I’m really excited with what I got! The lists are thorough yet manageable, and even include reminders to give yourself “quiet time” and mention time for hobbies every now and then (hobbies? what are those?).

photo via http://www.organizingla.com

Now I just need to work on all my other goals…does anyone have any proven get-organized tips??


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