{local holiday} Part 1: Shopping in My Town

A few of us live in our around Ballston Spa, NY. Ballston Spa is not a large town by any stretch of the imagination but it does have many, many gems that smaller villages don’t have; like a sushi restaurant, a fabulous tea store, a natural food store, a artistian collective, a fair-trade only gift store, a fine jewelry store and bead store. It has been a long road from rundown factory town to revitalized business district. It is also New York’s first Fair Trade Certified Town. I grew up in the area and I specifically remember that my parents used to say that Ballston Spa was not somewhere you stopped, it was just a down & out town you had to drive through to get to downtown Saratoga Springs. No longer, as the list of businesses in the downtown area grows and grows.

I needed to do some non-edible holiday gift shopping, I went into downtown to explore mainly; Mango Tree, Strolling Village Artisans, Corina and Happy Hands Beads. I scored big time and wanted to share in a two-part post. Maybe even nudge you, a little, to do a portion of your holiday shopping locally if possible. The money you spend stays in the community which helps the business grow, which helps draw people to live in that community, which drives up property value, which increases the quality of the schools, yada yada yada. Money flowing in your community is a good thing. I am not exclusively shopping in local shops, but any amount helps. Consider your local businesses this holiday season. The next post will feature Corina & Happy Hands Beads with a coupon offer!

Who could go wrong with these beauties?

market baskets- ALWAYS a wonderful gift. We got one as a wedding gift, we love it!

bottle toppers- so amazing! they also had fair trade glass tags.

they not only have gifts but you can also take classes, or give classes as a gift!

inside the Co-op’s gallery/gift shop.


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