{Blogosphere Challenge} 4th Annual Dark Days Challenge

Once a week, over the course of the next four and a half months, the five of us will be involved in an 88-blog (!!) challenge, 4th Annual Dark Days Challenge. Started by Laura at the blog, Oh So Hennery, it focuses on challenging bloggers to make one meal a week as local, sustainable, organic and ethical (SOLE) as possible during the deadest months of the year December-Mid April. Especially for us in the Northeast.

Since we already strive to create meals from locally-sources ingredients on a daily basis, we thought this would be an interesting challenge as we would have to think beyond Denison Farm’s shallots or Brookside’s chickens or Eluhi Farm’s eggs or Kilpatrick’s butternut squash …. we would have to think about oils,  flours and butters, spices, teas, coffees, cereal, oats, yogurts and grains, and and and…

All of us will have different “exceptions”; ingredients we will not attempt to find locally but as a group we will consider “local” within 150 mile radius from of our homes. I should also say that we are excited to “meet” other bloggers and read about their meals and maybe, even share some ideas or a tip on a local producer. The list of all 88 blogs are here, we are in group 5.

We will be on a 5-person rotation, so each of us will post 3 meals in the challenge. We will strive to post every week on Thursdays.


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