{weekend reading} NATIONAL EDITION


Let’s start with the “Advertisement Seen Around the World This Week” category. If you haven’t seen Duncan Hines’ “Hip Hop” Cupcake commercial you have missed something special. Like too close to black-face-special.  Watch the commercial on Eater, with a little editorial piece. Then head over to Mother Jones for an article on the ad.

In franchise news, somehow Tokyo Japan only got a Hooters this week…Slate reports.

In social networking news, Anthony Bourdain wrestled his Facebook, twitter, Tumbler accounts from the PR firm that doesn’t know him. He won.

Amanda Hesser, author of one of the hottest books of the year, The New York Times Cookbook, is traveling the country having potluck dinners to promote the book. She visits Philly and Marisa @ Food in Jars organized the event and she got to meet Amanda of course! Fun! Oh, and remember to enter our giveaway for the book…ends Wednesday at midnight.

The Altantic has their “Top 10 Food Stories of the Year”. I’m not going to editorialize the content, I don’t wanna ruin the surprise!

Daniel Bowman Simon, of the People’s Garden NYC, wrote a quickie History of Food Stamps in America on Huffington Post by using Mayor Blumberg’s proposal to deny food stamp (now called SNAP) recipients from buying soda & other sugary beverages with the assistance. Interesting read. (If you don’t know about the People’s Garden, it’s a petition/project started by Bowman Simon where he is asking for Mayor Blumberg to put an edible garden in front of City Hall.

Last week was the Young Farmers Conference at Stone Barn. One of our local farmers was in attendance, Michael Kilpatrick! Civil Eats has an overview.

Again, my favorite Gardening Blog, Garden Rant, has an important rant about “When will fresh food be seen as a human right” RIGHT ON! This is a guest post is about school gardens from Gordon Clark, Project Manager, Montgomery Victory Garden.

Slow Food Seattle canned tuna (!!!) as a Terra Madre Day celebration (a few days early).. fascinating!

NYC made beekeeping legal in the spring, its florishing…NYTimes reports.

Dr. Marion Nestle explains how obesity/junk food/school lunch became soo political- a blue vs. red state issue. In another great post, Dr. Nestle has sad statistics about the extreme rise in food stamp use and cost.

Our local food blog, Steve Barnes’ Table Hopping, has an interesting post about the fish, which has been shown to cause mucho health issues, escolar. A blog reader asks Steve if he thinks restaurants should warn customers about the “possible” health issues before they finalize their order. The reader got very sick from a recent meal… By the way, I have never heard of this type of fish…


Via The Atlantic, Eating Well presents 26 (not 25, not 27 but 26) holiday cookie recipes.

One Hungry Mama has a recipe for Lemon Curd on Babble.. this is a perfect edible gift!

This is an oldie, from 2009, but Shutterbean featured her Earl Grey Tea Cookies in a cookie recap post.

Obama Foodorama has The White House’s Executive Pastry Chef Bill Yosses’ apple cake with maple glaze recipe.

Pithy & Cleaver has my mom’s most favorite soup recipe, French Onion Soup.

Marisa @ Food in Jars has the last “Can Jam” of 2010, Cranberry Marmalade with dried apricots.

the kitchn has a recipe roundup of 10 warm winter dinners in a slow cooker.


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