{edible gifts} quick & easy peppermint bark

I always have the best of intentions.  I want to make lots of really great and super extravagant things to give as gifts.  One holiday season I baked almost every day.  Many of my treats found their way to my husband’s office so as not to end up in my mouth.  Another year I crocheted everyone a scarf.  I’m a huge fan of handmade gifts.  They are nice.  They are from the heart.  And they are so much better than something silly and useless bought from a store.  However, ever since I became a mother, I have less and less time to get such gifts accomplished.

My son is going to be 3 in January, so we’re still in the stage where it’s difficult to make anything too complicated together.  And between working full-time, running a lot, cleaning the house and just getting dinner on the table, I don’t end up with a great deal of free time with which to make edible gifts for friends and family.  This year I decided that I would find time even if I had to make something quick and easy.  Enter peppermint bark.

{chopping-n-crushing candy canes}

Google peppermint bark and you are bombarded with beautiful pictures of chocolate covered with festive candy sprinklings.  I’ve often meant to make it and thought that it was probably tedious and slightly time-consuming.  Wrong!  After actually reading a couple of the different recipes, I realized just how simple peppermint bark would be to make and I was immediately sold.

{melting white chocolate}

Follow any set of directions your heart desires, the recipe is simple because most of the steps include melting some type of chocolate,  pouring the mixture into a parchment-lined baking pan and sprinkling on some crushed candy canes, nuts, or fruits. Here’s a few “Bark” recipe-links to get you started:

Instructables’s Chocolate Peppermint Bark Tutorial (It’s a great step-by-step tutorial with photos)
Sugar Crafter’s Peppermint Bark (she used cookie cutters to cut out shapes instead of jagged pieces)
Annie’s Eats Halloween Bark (works for the holidays if you don’t wanna go the peppermint route)
Ina Garten’s French Chocolate Bark (dried fruits & nuts sprinkled instead of candy canes)
Elena’s Pantry Almond Joy Chocolate Bark (she is a gluten-free baker)
Brown Eyed Baker’s Pistaccio & Cranberry White Chocolate Bark (the photos alone are worth clicking on this link)


{setting perfection}

This is delicious. From our house to yours….. Happy Holidays & Enjoy!


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  1. Yay, I’m so glad you found my recipe on Instructables useful! Your bark looks delicious.

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