{photo diary} Holland Hill Trees

Two years ago, when we moved to Ballston Spa, we would always drive past this beautiful hand-painted sign for “Holland Hill”.  For a brief period in Los Angeles, I studied Graphic Design at UCLA’s awesome evening program, so I am a sucker for delish type and design. When our first Christmas in Ballston Spa came around, 2009, I was obsessed with getting our tree there. From the outside looking in, it seemed like a family residence who grew trees on their modest lot. Exactly right. It’s run by a family, who hand you a saw and you can go to town. Or you can buy a pre-cut that are from another family in Cooperstown, NY. Once done, you are welcome to some hot cider and cookies in their garage while you pay. The wife makes beautiful wreaths and swags that are way under priced. You can put your name in the raffle, as the owners give away three Christmas trees every year. I believe the husband is an accountant during the week. We came back this year, with Sarah, Dan & C-Man. Then yesterday, I brought my parents. Oh, and I bumped into close friends who saw my Facebook page and decided to give Holland Hill a try- they LOVED it! There are no reindeer, or a petting zoo or Santa but its real. Its as local as you can get without walking into the woods and cutting one down off someone’s property! Open Friday- Sunday. 562 Middleline Road, Ballston Spa, NY 12020. – Christina


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  1. brecore says:

    Thanks for the post!!!! I’ve been looking for this farm online (couldn’t remember the name, lol) and I stumbled upon your post!!! Thanks!!! 🙂

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