Vichyssoise!!! Not Just for Potatoes Anymore.

I’d like to begin this post by saying that right now I am in love with this soup.  Really though, I may just be in love with myself for making it.  Or maybe I’m in love with Mark Bittman for giving me the ideas to create it.  It is good soup.  And so simple.  Perfect for the week after binging on turkey and everything that goes along with Thanksgiving dinner.

Last Saturday,  I was still out of town doing some post-Thanksgiving lounging, so my dutiful friend and blog editor Chris picked up my Kilpatrick Family Farm CSA share from the Saratoga Springs Farmers Market for me.  Back at home again, I was faced with the items in the photograph below.  After a few minutes of consideration, I decided to make vichyssoise, or potato leek soup.

Potato leek soup is typically made from potatoes, leeks, stock and sometimes cream or milk.  That’s it.

The version I made was a little more complicated because I wanted to include turnips and carrots.  I have no regrets about that addition, because they made the overall flavor of the soup sweeter and more complex.  I heated some olive oil and added four potatoes, three carrots, and five turnips all peeled and chopped in to small cubes along with two chopped leeks.  After a few minutes of allowing the vegetables to sweat, I added four cups of chicken stock and let it stew until the vegetables were pretty soft.  I added about a cup of milk, some salt and pepper, and then pureed the whole thing with my immersion blender.

I ate the soup hot, so it really isn’t appropriate to call it vichyssoise, but it’s a much more interesting title than “potato leek soup”.  It’s a pleasant word and fun to say.  Some friends of mine had a band they called “Vichyssoise” a few years ago.  Their music had nothing to do with potatoes or soup, but I think they just found the word as irresistible as I do.  According to Wikipedia, it’s not clear where the word or the soup originated, although it was probably made up by a French chef in a New York City restaurant.  Where ever it came from, I’m excited to have discovered the simplicity of its preparation so that it can now be part of my winter repertoire.  I plan to make it especially when ever I find myself stumped by root vegetables again.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tes says:

    Wow the soup looks so comforting! I love the addition of turnips and carrot which make it sounds sweet and healthy 🙂

  2. leslie r says:

    looks yummy. love to make plain ole potatoe leek soup, but this’ll be nicer

  3. Kris says:

    I’ve put carrots and celery in my potatoe leek soup, but never turnips. What a fabulous idea.

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