Thanksgiving Gratitude, an Update.

Note: This is my follow-up post to my plea for recipe help in our ongoing series, {Desperately Seeking} Reader Advice. -Christina

Last week I asked for help with two issues based on the fact that my husband & I lost our Thanksgiving turkey because an illness had infected the flock at a local farm. I asked for recipe ideas for the last-minute Thanksgiving leg of lamb and also a line on a Christmas turkey.

Like most of our posts, it was automatically published at 6am. Last Tuesday.

By 7:45am Tuesday, I was doing what I always do before Miles’ 8am Physical Therapy session, frantically feeding and preventative inhaler-izing him when the phone rang. Michael Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick Family Farm was calling our home with news.

{Look at those Brussels!!!, Kilpatrick stand at Winter Market, October 2010}

“I found a turkey for you.”

“What? Really Michael?”

“Yeah, you said you wanted one for Christmas right?”

“Well, yeah, wow, thank you so much!”

Michael continued to tell me the details, that in fact, Garden of Spices up in Greenwich, a vendor at the NYC & Brooklyn Greenmarkets and a member farm of the Flying Pigs Farm Camp, had turkeys still available. In addition, Michael’s brother was heading up there that morning and would pick up our turkey and I could pay for it a few days later at Saturday’s market. He instructed me to call Ben Shaw, proprietor, just to make sure there was a bird small enough for our 2 adults, 1 teeny kid family. There was, a half turkey. When I spoke to Mr. Shaw, he quickly told me that Michael’s brother was already there and would take a bird with him.

{Poof} by 8:15am, we had our Christmas bird. Only 2 hours and 15 minutes after the post published.


After reading my post, Michael, who is a busy year-round vegetable farmer, took time out of his day to not only call us with the information but also do all the work for us; make sure his brother got the bird, pay for the bird, store the bird, bring the bird to market.  Wow Wow Wow and…Wow!

I was totally blown away by his thoughtfulness and generosity. I sat quietly in our room, with the phone still in my hand to reflect on the prior 30 minutes.

Slowly during the past two and a half years, I transformed from an anonymous weekly farmer’s market shopper to a devoted farmer groupie who blocks hours out of Saturday morning to visit the market for a conversation….. and food. The happenings one week ago today confirms why I LOVE my farmers and why I do most of my shopping from local farmers and businesses; a community is born. A community is built that no big box or grocery store can compete with. Moments of thoughtfulness. Moments of generosity. Moments of joy.

Thank you Michael for taking time out of your day to act with great generosity, to be my farmer and feeding my family amazing produce. Thank you Ben Shaw for accommodating my very last-minute order. I can not wait for Christmas.


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  1. Emma says:

    Chris- this brought tears to my eyes! So happy for you and your Christmas Turkey, but also amazed by the thoughtfulness of the people all around.

  2. SallyA says:

    Me, too. Tears! How lovely. When I read or hear of things like this it restores my faith in humanity which sometimes gets battered and beaten. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Kyla says:


  4. What a very sweet story! Wish you a delicious holiday season! xo

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