We are thankful for…

Sarah authored a beautiful ” What I’m Thankful For” post on her personal running blog, Chasing Down a Dream, a few days ago and I was inspired. She discussed family, food, her From Scratch friends and her dog and running partner, Georgia. Please read the post, its inspiring what she’s been able to accomplish in just over one year of running. FYI: She will have run OVER 1,000 miles by 2011. Whoa. I asked the club to share what they are thankful for in 2010 – Christina

“My family’s sense of humor.  This goes for my parents and siblings, but especially my husband and daughter.  She’s not even two yet and I am amazed at how often she has me laughing out loud.

Inspired by Sarah’s blogpost, I am grateful almost every day for how gentle my dog is with my daughter.  When I was pregnant I was fearful that my unpredictable, nervous rescue dog would not be able to tolerate a small child but she is not only tolerant but protective of her.

I am also grateful for food.  Preparing it gives me a sense of mastery and eating it gives me pleasure, even on days when it seems like nothing else can.”

“I am most thankful this season for my wonderful supportive friends and family. With them my life is full of blessings.”

” I am most thankful for my happy son. He is constantly challenged by medical issues whether it be an asthma attack,  hives from {who knows what} outside our home, watching kids eat things he can’t have during class snack time or his four (!!!) Early Intervention a week!! He is an amazingly sweet, loving, friendly and fun little kiddo. I’m also thankful for my support system which includes every woman in this club. I have needed many shoulders to cry on and ears to listen and they have been there during this tough post-diagnosis year. Lastly, I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received from this blog!!! I started the club out of desperation to have something of “my own” and it grew into a true community. Thank you to Alexis, Amanda, Leslie, Sarah and our guest contributors Erica & Dianna and you, our readers! I am so excited for the future…”

“I am thankful for all the incredible friends in my life who support me and help me be a better person…the friends that are my family; the friends who I see regularly, and the ones who I haven’t seen in years but can talk to as if we see each other weekly. I am also grateful beyond words for my sweet, kind, loving, incredible girls and my handsome, supportive, and loving husband–my three favorite people.”


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