{thanksgiving} Our Last Thoughts…tips & tricks

Our last thoughts for the biggest foodie day of the season…

“Do like me and get someone else to cook you a rockin’ Thanksgiving dinner.  If you are the chef, be sure to drink wine while you are preparing the meal, or, preferably, while waiting for someone else to make it.  My general advice for making traditional Thanksgiving dishes is to not add sugar or other sweeteners to foods that are already sweet, like sweet potato or squash.  Include higher fiber-type green vegetable dishes to even out the otherwise protein and carb intense meal to lighten things up a little, like kale!”

“How to take your birds temperature.

This will either make or break your Thanksgiving turkey.  You will either make all your guest sick by serving an under cooked turkey and you certainly don’t want to eat a dried out turkey.  So how do you get that PERFECT turkey?  Take its temp!

The first thing is where to insert the meat thermometer.  Nope, NOT the breast.  You need to insert the thermometer in the thickest part of the turkey’s thigh, this is where the breast and the thigh come together.  The temperature should read 165 degrees.  The most important thing to remember is not to let the thermometer touch the bone.  This will not allow for an accurate reading.

Once your bird has reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees take it out and let it REST.  Cover it loosely with aluminum foil.  It should rest for at least 30 minutes.  If you don’t let it rest and start carving it right out of the oven the juices will run out and your turkey will not be juicy.  By allowing it to rest the juices will be absorbed by the turkey which will make your bird tender, juicy and totally delicious!”

” This is for all my multiple food allergy friends of infant & toddler children. Be strong. Do what makes you and your immediate family comfortable. It took me awhile, and a very bad contact reaction, to realize that holiday/birthday outings should not be times of great stress. If you don’t believe your infant or toddler child will be stay healthy in the environment or the stress will be too much to handle or will wear you out quickly, then make your own tradition. Have a 100% safe Thanksgiving dinner at your home and invite people to come enjoy your harvest. Don’t be afraid to ask people to refrain from bringing in outside food.”

“To add more nutrients and fiber to your side dishes, don’t peel your vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Just wash well. My other piece of advice is to cover the children’s table with butcher paper and have cups filled with crayons on the table. Before the food is served the kiddos can draw their hearts out! Pre-meal quiet time!”

“Make sure to take time out for yourself and that which is important to you.  I don’t make Thanksgiving dinner.  In fact, I’m not really even allowed to bring anything to dinner.  There’s always so much food that it’s not really necessary.  Ever since we started doing Thanksgiving with my In-law’s family, I feel kind of disconnected.  Not because they don’t involve us, they do.  It’s just very different from my family where I was always helping and there was so much hub-bub to be a part of.  This feeling of what to do has stuck with me and left me feeling kind of blah on Thanksgiving.  BUT!!!! A big but here.  Now that I’m a runner, I’ve started running the Troy Turkey Trot every Thanksgiving.  (Well this will be my second one, but I hope it’s a tradition that I carry long into the future.)  So now my husband, my son and I bundle up and head down to the heart of Troy with thousands of other residents of the Capital District.  As it turns out, this is just the hub-bub that I’ve been needing.  Being there in the hustle and bustle with thousands of other racers and their families is exhilerating.  And to know that they’re all there with their families and rushing around to make sure that they to get to a Turkey Dinner some where creates a nice kind of kinship.  Anyway, doing this has allowed me to take an hour or two out of a crazy hectic holiday and spend a little time not only creating my own tradition, but also spending some time with “myself” (not really sure if you can count it as being alone when there are 4500+ other runners.).  By the time we are done with the Trot, I am ready for dinner and am happy sit back, relax and enjoy.”


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