{Desperately Seeking} THANKSGIVING ADVICE

PLEASE NOTE: This is the second installment of our series, {Desperately Seeking} Reader Advice, where one of us ask YOU for help. I need it people, bring on the advice! -Christina

Okay Readers, I seriously need your help.

My husband & I are in a bind. We pre-ordered two turkeys from a local farm, that will stay nameless, a few months ago. Last week I realized that I never heard from them, ever, so I called. I got a very frantic farmer on the other end of the line who stated that his turkey flock had been hit with virus and most had died. So no Thanksgiving turkey nor July turkey for us. Boo.

We are hoping to order a Christmas bird from someone. So my first question is: Know of a local farmers who will have turkeys for the Christmas holiday? AFTERNOON UPDATE: Thank you Michael Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick Family Farm. Michael gave me a call at 7:45am today to tell me he found a turkey for me & could pick it up for me. Wow. The 1/2 turkey comes from the awesome Garden of Spices in Greenwich, NY. They sell their chickens, ducks and eggs at the NYC & Brooklyn Farmer’s Markets.

In the meantime, I could have frantically called around to find a turkey but Charles & I decided to be relaxed about it. We are only feeding ourselves and his mom, so why not venture into new territory.

On Saturday, while I was picking up our Egg CSA share from Mary Pratt of Elihu Farm at the Saratoga Farmers Market it dawned on me– LAMB! Honestly, frozen lamb parts where staring me in the face… the thought didn’t come out of nowhere. Mary focuses on eggs and lamb, so no one better to buy it from than her.

So I dove in and purchased a half leg with shank-in. Whoa. What do we do now?

So my second question, and the more important question, is: Do you have any amazing cooking/recipe advice for this half-leg-o-lamb? Please share & quick!


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  1. Dianna Goodwin says:

    turn to Mark Bitmann, he rarely fails. I don’t eat lamb, sorry, no help here.

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