{giveaway} the winner is…

Only a handful of people entered our giveaway for Moosewood Collective’s Low Fat Favorites so we decided to pick someone out of my winter hat!

We picked the winner during our November meeting which took place yesterday at Mocha Lisa’s Cafe in Clifton Park, NY.

And the Winner is…..

Congrats Kris!

Your feedback was appreciated:

“I enjoyed the theme weeks. My family loved the apple and squash soup and the apple oatmeal. Yum! The week on indulgence made me feel better about my occasional (um … daily) weaknesses). For both, it was fun to get the different takes on the same subject.

Theme for Thanksgiving and Christmas would certainly be fun. I would also love to see something about continuing to eat food from local source as we get deeper into winter. I would love to participate in a reader challenge/theme/topic.”

Kris, please email us at fromscratchclub (at) gmail (dot) com with your address and I will ship it to you within a week!


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