{thanksgiving} The Turkey Fry

So maybe some of you have done this before.  The Fisk household has not.  We have never deep-fried a turkey.  I’ve heard stories.  Good stories, bad stories, horror stories.  We have been fascinating and I’d say pretty intrigued at the whole idea of deep-frying an entire turkey.  Earlier this week a good friend of ours and his girlfriend decided they were going to come visit for the weekend from Brooklyn.  They also happen to own a turkey deep fryer.  So the men took it upon themselves to declare Sunday “Turkey Frying Day.”

Fortunately for me, I had other plans so I didn’t have to stand around the house waiting for them to explode something.  I asked that the process be documented so I could share it with all of our readers.  We did manage to purchase an 11 pound bird on short notice to send off to turkey frying land.  For this first go-around with the bird it was decided that the turkey would be fried “plain jane” so we could see what the flavor, etc. was like.  Here are the photos ……..

The Bird Drop


The Spectators


Part of the final spread


Bye Bye Birdie!!!

All in all, I’m told that the process was pretty easy as long as you’re careful.  It’s important to be careful of how much oil you put in the fryer (it will be displaced by the turkey).  Our crew did a water test in advance of putting the oil in.  They  filled the fryer up 3/4 with water, put the turkey in and then marked where the water went up to.  This way they were sure not to send oil flying when they actually put the turkey in.

The turkey was good.  Not the very best turkey that I’ve ever had, but good.  It stayed pretty moist through the process.  We served dinner last night from it, ate lunch and dinner today and we have a good amount still on the bones sitting in the freezer just waiting to be tossed into a soup.

How do you cook your holiday turkey?  Any one have a favorite prep/cook method that works well for them and makes a tasty turkey?  Do share!!


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  1. Dianna Goodwin says:

    Thanks for the advice. My husband wants to try this. Must be a boy thing.

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