{weekend reading} national edition


Although local news, it speaks to our industrial food system, Albany County Jail will now have a privatized kitchen. CT based Aramark, has won the 3-year contract to feed staff and inmates.

Another local story on All Over Albany discusses Albany County’s plan to change the chicken coop laws.

Lastly, there is an amazing ly beautiful (!!!!!) photo slide show with sound in the Glens Falls’ Post Star on Farm Camp, “Located in the heart of the Battenkill River Valley, Farm Camp at Flying Pigs Farm is a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity for professionals working in food service, food media, and farm and food advocacy to learn about both the challenges and opportunities associated with agricultural production and distribution in the Northeast.”  The accompany article here.


Three stories from Obama Foodarama worth reading. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had a press conference where she spoke about front-of-labeling improvement effortsAgriculture Secretarty Tom Vilsack and Education Secretary ARne Duncan will be speaking out for the immediate reauthorization of Health and Hunger-Free Children’s Act during the lame duck session which starts on Monday. Finally, at the G20 Seoul Summit, President Obama pledged to double US exports in the next five years, including a big push for American agricultural products, under the National Export Initiative. At the center of this specific article is South Korea’s continuing ban on US Beef. Editorial: What’s “funny” (sad) about this last piece is that many, many countries don’t want our food products because they contain a seriously high amounts of chemicals, antibiotics, or are genetically modified. Keep trying Obama. Good luck with that.

A thought-provoking article in The Atlantic by Jocelyn Zuckerman: “Framing malnutrition in terms of national security might be the most effective strategy yet. “A hungry person is an angry person,” the saying goes. Empty stomachs in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen could have serious consequences for us back home.” The article touches on malnutrition as the world’s biggest health issue and why it’s barely discussed or on people’s radar unless there is a major catastophy like an earthquake. In addition, a biofortication project is featured.

The number of people who receive food-stamp assistance in the state of Minnesota is larger than the population of Minneapolis – a record high. Wow.

A great tutorial on the Fresh Movie’s blog about the basics on what sustainable seafood and what isn’t

Another “stop wasting food” article, this time from the LA TIMES.

A new editor-in-chief at Bon Appetite, Adam Rappaport, who was for years at GQ. Interesting pick, let’s see what he does with the magazine. Article is from the NYTimes.

This is NOT a joke. Sadly, McDonalds went into a school and taught a class about nutrition. http://health.change.org/blog/view/mcdonalds_hosts_nutrition_workshop_for_elementary-school_kids#share_source=blog-top_fb. The original story in the CT Post here.

Two new food studies on kids are out and Dr. Marion Nestle has got a lot to say

TreeHugger has a great review of a study, from the University of Toronto,  just released that showed that chemicals from fast food packaging are leaching into the food.

Via Food Safety News, Federal spending on fruits on veggies falls short.

I found this page while searching for Massachusetts’ recipe for prison loaf; DEVAL PATRICK’S FAVORITE RECIPES. Governor-elect Cuomo should have pages & pages of these recipes since his longtime girlfriend is the Semi-Homemade Queen- ha!

In the Atlantic, What Americans Can Learn from The Japanese Cuisine.

Will righteous foodies ruin the local/sustainable/nutritious food movement? This is a wonderful (and soo funny!!!) essay-in-three-parts by PETER MEEHAN in the Grass Fed Column. A must read.


Cal-Maine Eggs that were distributed to food wholesalers and retailers in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas have to worry about another egg recall.

As the week went on the recall got bigger, to I believe over 300,000 eggs.

Cilantro from California is also on the hot seat-o-recalls this week. Trader Joe’s was hit with a recall, a chicken pasta salad that contained the cilantro.
Cheese sold at Cosco has been recalled due to E.Coli. Read more to find out the specifics.


8 Kid-Friendly Salads from Raise Healthy Eaters.

Pan Cooked Salmon with lentils by Mark Bittman on Bittman.

For all your Thanksgiving needs; TWO NYTIMES articles that are an amazing wealth of information and recipes. Well Section’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving and Mark Bittman’s 101 Thanksgiving Ideas that is being rerun again this year.

Tips on how to freeze ready-to-cook casseroles.

Tea & Cookies has a wonderful lemon & kale salad. Yum.

Saveur has a “Make Your Own McRib” recipe and commentary- a must read!

Annie Eats has a sage-butter crumb topped sweet potato dish. OhhhhAhhhhh

Hip Girls to Homemaking has a great tutorial on making Simple Syrup.

On that same DYI note, thekitchn has perfected a make-at-home-corn-syrup substitute for all you candy makers out there. I am DEFINITELY going to try this as I’m thinking of making nougat for holiday gifts and it requires corn syrup.


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