Apple Pancakes…Ellie’s Way

Last week after church we went out to breakfast which always makes everyone happy.   One of the specials was “Apple Pancakes”.  I thought about ordering it but didn’t.  I was so happy that I didn’t order them because when they came out they were not the kind of apple pancakes I would have liked.  (Doesn’t that make you so happy when you think, “So glad I didn’t get that” because usually I always end up thinking, “I should have ordered that!”)

Ellie right there and then decided that she had a better way to make apple pancakes.  I agreed that they sounded mighty good and we would give them a try at home one night for dinner.  (We do Breakfast for Dinner every Thursday night.)

You can use any of your pancake mix recipes for this.  At our house we experiment with different pancake mixes.  It is actually not that hard to just throw together a great pancake batter from Scratch.  Take out any of your cook books or go online and you will be sure to find an easy recipe.  If you do use a box mix think about throwing in some ingredients such as wheat germ to kick up the nutritional value.

Apple Pancakes:

  • Prepare your favorite pancake mix
  • Peel and slice thin a couple of apples.  I prefer to Macintosh as they hold up well to cooking.  Ellie likes to toss the apples with cinnamon and sugar.  I prefer to put cinnamon and vanilla directly into the batter.  You choose!

Here you see us using an electric frying pan.  Does anyone use these anymore?  My husband would love to upgrade to a nice griddle…..

  • Pour the pancake batter onto your griddle.
  • Let it start to cook until you see bubbles in the pancake batter.
  • Fan your apples along the bottom.
  • Continue to let it cook and then flip.


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