Apple Pancakes…Bittman’s Way

I have the recipe for Mark Bittman’s Light and Fluffy Pancakes from his How to Cook Everything cookbook memorized because I have been making them for many many years.  They require more of an effort than regular pancakes, but if you have the time and energy, I think they’re worth it!  The content of these pancakes varies somewhat each time I make them and for this post I made them with apples.  A new twist was inviting my almost two year old daughter to help me in the preparation.  She was a little bit more of a pain than a help, but you know, it was cute.

Mark’s pancakes are made light and fluffy by adding more eggs and beating the whites.  A typical pancake recipe calls for one or two eggs to each cup of flour, and this recipe asks for four.  I like that there is less white flour and more egg protein.  The only part of the recipe that’s not quick and easy to make is the beating the egg whites part, but you should try to rein in a husband or house-guest for that part if you have one available to you.

Since the apples take a little while to cook, I started by tossing two small chopped up apples in with some butter sauteing in a pan.

Then the following dry ingredients get blended together:

1 cup flour (I use white whole wheat)

1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 tablespoon sugar

dash of salt

Separate four eggs and add one cup of milk to the egg yolks.  You can replace the milk with soy milk or yogurt.  You can also add some vanilla to the wet ingredients if you want.  Add the wet ingredients to the dry.  Beat the egg whites to soft peaks and then fold them in to the rest of the mixture, leaving almost half of the egg whites sitting on top.  You’ll want to have portions of the whites to be un-blended so that the pancakes get a really fluffy texture to them.

I make these pancakes no bigger than about 3-4 inches across, since they are heavy with the weight of the extra eggs.  With the apples they tasted really good with maple syrup.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Colyn says:

    I LOVE these pancakes and I LOVE the apples from your tree. I can only imagine that these pancakes are wonderful!!

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