{WEEKEND READING} National Edition

Beyond From Scratch Club

Sarah recaps her AMAZING journey through the Mohawk Hudson Marathon on her personal running blog, Chasing Down a Dream.

On Lainey’s Plate, Leslie shares a creamy veggie pasta dish that the kiddos are sure to love.


I’m sure you’ve heard this already, but I believe the biggest food story this week is: Walmart unrolled a huge initiative with carrying sustainable produce. More on The Atlantic.

Marion Nestle on the Food Industry’s Front of Packaging -think- “All Natural” “With B vitamins” “Whole Grain Goodness” and what is their future.

In conspiracy news, on GRIST reports on the issues behind documentary “Troubled Waters” delayed release.

This Wednesday, October 20th, First Lady Michelle Obama will be hosting 2nd Annual Fall Harvest of the White House Kitchen Garden. Many DC students will be in attendance to help harvest the veggie. Obama Foodorama has more.

I don’t have a pre-teen or full fledged teenager in my house so I believe I’ve missed most of the “spaghetti taco” controversy. I believe some teen NICK show had some character serving spaghetti tacos and now its being requested at mealtime across the nation. Seriously? NYTIMES has more.

In Mark Bittman news, he completed the Mohawk Hudson Marathon (we knew this) but what we didn’t know is that he used MY picture in his Runner’s World Blog! Woo Hoo! In all seriousness, its a great write-up with recipe.

A perfect story where food & running collide: Long Beach Half and Full Marathon is this weekend and what have the coordinators decided to do? Invite healthy food trucks  be at the finish line to feed the runners and their supports. LA Times reports. From the marathon’s press release (copied from the LA Times article): “On Sunday, Oct. 17, after running in the Marathon, the Half-Marathon or taking part in the 26.2-mile bike race, participants will have their choice of four food trucks serving high-quality, healthy food at the finish line. That’s just what marathoners want too — there’s no cheeseburgers and fries for this group.”

Time Magazine cobbled a bunch of medical studies together to tell us what we already know, Children are more allergic (asthma, seasonal environmental allergies and food allergies) than ever before.

McDonald’s McRib (scary!) is back.

On Salon.Com, Francis Lam gives SEVEN tasty ways to decrease our personal waste. These suggestions are inspired by a new study that found America has a very serious habit of wasting food. A lot of food. From Francis Lam article “A new study in the American Chemical Society’s journal that found that Americans waste — just straight-up throw away — the equivalent of 350 million barrels of oil a year in the form of food. That’s about 70 times the amount of oil in the BP Gulf oil spill.”

In restaurant labor news; Mario Batali and other partners are being sued by 27 workers from Del Posto (BTW- restaurant just received 4-stars) who claim they were not paid a legal wage due to pooled tips. Salon.Com reports

According to Steve Barnes, my favorite allergy-friendly restaurant, Chipotle, will be holding a “processed food” costume party on Halloween. AWESOME!

According to Diner’s Journal (NYTIMES), the James Beard Awards will no longer distinguish between online or print food-related journalism. Coool….here we come awards dinner! haahahaaaaaa

LA Times reports on a Pasadena woman who has become a one-woman-food-bank. Go Virginia Go!

Mrs. Q, the infamous school teacher who’s blogging about 1 calendar year of eating school lunches will finish the project but will go gluten-free at the end of the project. I follow her religiously, her blog project is a must read.

In the I-must-have-this category: a beautiful tea towel 2011 wall calendar. Take a looksie!


Shutterbean has a kiddo-friendly Quick Mexican Stir Fry.

Mark Bittman, as the Minimalist for the NYTimes, a recipe for preserving lemons.

Dinner with Julie has the most amazing squash quinoa pancakes! I made them today- delish. The recipe has 1 cup buttermilk, to make them dairy free just substitute 1 cup rice milk with 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice- mix set aside for a few minutes-put in once all liquid ingredients are mixed.

the kitchn bring us sweet potato cakelettes. and how to use up those green tomatoes.

My food allergy mama friend, Lana, has a super yummy recipe for cauliflower & sweet potato soup on her blog Apron Strings.

Food52 has a cooking video on marinated cauliflower.

Guardian UK has a recipe for making mustard– cool!

Erin Cooks has pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Britin says:

    I read Mrs. Q too! It’s truly sickening what most kids are fed for lunch every day.

  2. Lana says:

    Aren’t Mrs Q’s photos depressing? It’s not exactly inspiring little bellies to care for themselves later on in life and take pleasure in cooking and/or meals.

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