{100th} Post Milestone…Part One

I can’t believe we’ve made it to 100+ posts.

In March, I started this blog as an off-shoot of our monthly meetings, purely a way to communicate with each other, in between meetings. My thought was “keep the energy and passion going, sharing recipes, local food events and food musings. No dead air.” We are all mothers to young children, all under 10, it can be a daily undertaking to find yourself in the clutter and rattling of the daily grind. An outlet that is just for you. I hoped From Scratch Club would be one of those precious outlets for my friends and I.

By mid-July I realized we had hit our stride and had something special. A broad range of modern and insightful stories, recipes, tips and tricks. I said to myself “I think its time we share this little bit of ourselves with other people“. I asked the group if they would be on board and Amanda, Emma, Leslie & Sarah (and later Alexis) jumped in with no hesitation.  Most of the posts, before our “official” launch at the beginning of August, have been unseen by you. I know. I can “see” what you click on and what you don’t. It’s totally okay, who has time to go back in time?

So in celebration of our 100th post, I compiled a link-love-list of some of our pre-public posts. In addition, in the next post, FSC Thus Far…Part Two, you will have a chance to win a copy of Mark Bittman’s new book, Food Matters Cookbook. To help us celebrate our self-made milestone, Simon & Schuster graciously sent us a copy for one lucky winner. In the meantime, hop back into the time machine and enjoy these goodies:

Garlic Scape Pesto by Sarah
Korean Pancakes
by me
The best black bean brownie recipe I’ve ever made courtesy of Amanda
Sarah’s first venture into canning with Put ‘Em Up
QUICK Stir Fry Sugar Snap Peas by Leslie
Chard recipe
by Emma
Sarah’s Ventures into Grilled Pizza
Zucchini Pancakes by Leslie
Non-Dairy Ice Cream
by Amanda
Veggie Primavera by Leslie. I make this recipe ALL the time!
Kimchee excitment,
pictures here and then sad, sad failure (well I believe in my ignorance it wasn’t failure just a “bloom” that I should have scooped off and went back to fermenting…)
Homemade bagels by Emma
Cucumber Salad by Leslie
Sarah’s Spicy Shrimp and Bok Choy Stir Fry
My Non-Soy Soy Sauce Substitute Mixture
Running on Fuel by Amanda (Banana bread recipe)
Adaptable Quesadilla by Leslie
Bok Choy & Kale Wontons by Me
Leslie’s Garden Cake (the most searched recipe on the blog)
My Summer Veggie Risotto that, I promise, can be adapted for fall & winter…
A Miles’ favorite, Faux-Cheese Sauce.

Now let’s talk about the future. I can tell you that ideas are flowing and endless. Enthusiasm is contagious and unrelenting. We have had numerous official and unofficial meetings (“hey husbands, take the kids on the trolley one more time while we discuss the blog”) and email “meetings” discussing the various ways we are going to expand our content while also pushing ourselves in various ways whether exploring our food past or challenging ourselves with new food ventures; never cured your own bacon? Me neither…watch me try. We will also begin sharing your food stories, recipes, tips and tricks. How, when and why do you do what you do? I’m not talking just asking local businesses, farms, artesian vendors but also our family members, friends or you. We wanna know. Finally, we’ll be rolling out monthly cooking challenges, you’ll be able to see our results good or bad. We will also ask you to join in the fun and report back!

The future is bright. inspiring. hopeful. exciting. and delicious. Thanks for reading.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah F says:

    Okay, so I’ve gotta say that even as a member of the blog I got really excited by the end of this post. The possibilities are endless and so is the food! Yeah!!! 🙂

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