{Weekend} Reading: NATIONAL EDITION

Enjoy your Sunday!


Let’s start with exciting localish news: Cookbook author, Mark Bittman is in for the Hudson-Mohawk Marathon on 10/10/10. Whoot! Read about his last couple of runs and his dread of Albany-area hotels! Plus recipe. Lastly, follow him during his massive book tour for his new cookbook FOOD MATTERS. This week Pittsburgh.

Marion Nestle talks BPA on The Atlantic.

Great essay on foodie elitism and another about the egg recall by Joel Salatin (farmer featured in Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma)

A sorry that makes me sad about my son’s future. A new study out finds that 30% of all severely food allergic children are repeatedly bullied at school, sometimes with the food they are allergic to (think threatening a peanut allergic kid with a pb&j sandwich). More here on CNN (check out the nasty horrible comments). Then, read this great post by one of my favorite food allergy mama writers, Susan Weissman. Finally, finish with this shortie by the owner of BabycakesNYC, a truly allergen-free bakery in Manhattan and Los Angeles. I can not WAIT to take Miles to this place once he’s old enough to understand cupcakes from waffles- he gets excited about waffles and NOT sweet things like cupcakes. Erin’s description of parent’s tears of joy when their children can pick out ANYTHING in her store to eat is one I understand to a T.

Marisa at Food In Jars explains why you can’t can with reactive pots.

NYTimes’ Told to Eat Its Vegetables, Americans Order Fries.

A NY Magazine article about the kick-ass farming, bee keeping , radio showing and restauranting that’s happening at Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwich Brooklyn. FYI- One of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn.

Start thinking about holiday gifts; Hudson Valley Seed Library gives us a sneak peak into new season’s seed packages. They are each made by a different artist. They are beautiful. An upcoming exhibit at the Kingston Contemporary Art Museum will be displaying a large collection of past & present works.
Although our gardening season is coming to a close, Girls Gone Child has a great post on Organic Child-Friendly Gardening Tips by famous Southern California Gardener (and her grandmother) Pat Welsh. I owned MANY of her books when I lived in the Los Angeles area.

Food Blogger’s Union. Interesting idea….

Yummy Mummy has a thought-provoking essay about NOT hitting our kids over the head about “nutrition” and “organic” and “whole grain” but just let them explore in the kitchen OFTEN. Hitting kids over the head ruins the fun of food….

Over at the kitchn, AMAZING kitchens with chalkboards– total design porn.

Interesting investigation in Los Angeles, regarding Farmer’s Market vendors getting their produce from a warehouse (!!!) not local farm land. Wow.

This story isn’t about food but the massive recall of children’s dye-free Benedryl and Tylenol that happened months & months ago.. have you noticed that the products are just coming back on the shelves now. This article is a MUST read.

Annie Novak, head gardener of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Greenpoint Brooklyn (my old neighborhood) has an juicy read about what its like to farm rooftops in the winter.


Asparagus & Chickpea Casserole by Fat Free Vegan.

Crafting in a Green World brings us 5 canning recipes…get started before the season ends (like this weekend!)

This canning recipes looks amazing, and the photos are breathtaking. Hitch Hiking to Heaven brings us Highbush Cranberry Apple Butter.

Los Angles Times with a homemade ricotta recipe.

What can I say, I’m making Molly’s Red Lentil Soup….right after I make our Lazy Lentil Soup by Alexis.


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