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I’m not going to lie. The national news links are items I myself want to read this Sunday morning. The recipes and food recall notices have been read and approved (by me). For various reasons, Miles getting his 2 year molars refusing to nap waking nightly every 3 hours, I just didn’t get around to reading the heavy-hitting national news. There is a lot going on a MAJOR infant powdered formula recall, Stephen Colbert going to bat from farm workers and talking at a Congressional Hearing, egg-recall fiasco (and big-time offender Jack DeCoster) also gets its own Congressional Hearing. So come on, jump in to these juicy news tidbits and recipe ideas with me….


FOOD RECALL:  Brand powdered formula is recalled due to possible beetles and their larvae in the product.

In my opinion, if you are a known repeated violator of food safety regulations you should lose the right to feed Americans. Period. Such a person, Mr. Austin “Jack” Decoster went before the Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Wednesday to discuss the national egg recall. Over at Grist, Tom Philpott has a great article reviewing what was learned during the hearings. (warning: photos are graphic)

Bill Marler, a well-known personal injury lawyer who specializes in foodbourne illness, has a terrific website and blog. In this post, Marler discusses the possibility of the passage of S. 3767, the Food Safety Accountability Act, which includes stiffer criminal penalties for known-offenders of food safety regulations. He goes into detail on the bill here.

Barry Estabrook has an update to the GM Salmon issue.

Continuing on the genetically modified theme, in the Atlantic, Marion Nestle explores GM or not GM– depends on how you define it.

Finally, there is scientific research to back up the claim that if kids help grow/cook their own food they will make healthier food choices. University of California followed Berkley California student from 2006-2009. Sarah Henry reports in The Atlantic.

In the “YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO” category: An 11-year old boy discusses what is wrong with American food system. Amazing amazing amazing.

Another “Must Watch”: Faux Conservative TV personality, Stephen Colbert, spoke at a Congressional Hearing on Friday about his time as a farm worker. Grist has a nice overview on his continuing support of migrant farm workers.

In New York Times’ WELL Section, an article discussing the (long overdue) increasing part that doctors are playing in getting the word out about healthy eating as a preventative health tactic.

One of the only large-circulation cooking magazines, now that Gourmet is defunct, that is not based in Manhattan, Bon Appetit, will be moving their offices and editorial staff to the big city in the coming months. One person not coming- Editor-In-Chief, Barbara Fairchild. Big news in the magazine world, she has been with the magazine for decades….If you’re keeping score, I did read this article…its a shortie.

Another goodie is from the NYT Magazine about the ridiculous expectations of the home cook using mise en place, that all the cooking shows employ. Author Peter Wells writes a semi-regular column, Cooking With Dexter, which details the ups and downs of having a food allergic child who loves to cook and eat food. I’ve been reading his column for a while, Dexter sounds like he is a 4-star chef in the making. These articles are always a great read, this one is one different. (NOTE: You need to have a free log in subscription to get this article.)

Mario Bataly’s mega-every-italian food mart, Eataly, has opened in Manhattan. Owner of Babycakes NYC (a vegan, allergy free, low-sugar bakery) has a short blog post about their VEGETABLE butcher. That’s right folks, a veggie butcher!!! More reporting on the new hot spot in Food & Wine.

In book publishing news, Mark Bittman’s much anticipated (by me) follow-up to Food Matters, Food Matters Cookbook, has been released.

Finally, in cooking show news Cooking Channel, Food Network’s hip/younger/more DYI network has announced their fall lineup. I actually like many of the non-cooking shows on the channel, mostly about food history, farming and artisanal products, but one show is of extreme interest to me. My Life in Food, hosted by Al Roker, will explore people’s connections to food and how it shapes their lives. Most notably, this past week the second episode explored people living with food allergies. It’s on my list of recorded shows and I can not wait to watch!


Mrs Wheelbarrow’s Best of Fall Apple Pie Jam

On his Runner’s World blog, Mark Bittman discusses his training, and eating 3 weeks before the Hudson-Mohawk Marathon. Yummy pasta frittata recipe included!

Who doesn’t love risotto? Well, over at Girls Gone Child, Rebecca’s mom has cooked up a delish apple risotto recipe. What is also great about this post is you get a sense of what the “fall season” is like in San Diego.

Well, I love me some risotto (its the Italian in me and the food allergy issue) so here’s another recipe. BREAKFAST risotto with poached figs on Healthy Happy Life. I also love figs but I’m not sure if I’m going to run to Honest Weight to grab a pint from California… I may try putting banana and apple into the poaching liquid….hummmmm

Don’t be horrified, but I have no idea how to make popcorn from scratch (meaning NOT in a microwavable baggie). I’m not a big fan of the stuff, so I’ve never tried. Now with all of Miles’ food allergies, popcorn may become a nice snack food when needed. The kitchn had a great roundup on how to make popcorn AND a recipe for “fall season” maple popcorn (yum). I’m thinking this is an upcoming post…in the “I’ve never done this category”….


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