{Weekend} Reading: NATIONAL

NATIONAL NEWS (amazing articles people- trust me- its a good week for food-related reading!)

Grist wrote a great piece on my favorite “fast food” chain, Chipotle, and their major farm labor issue. I wish there were more articles like this one because personally I feel like farm-labor issues get pushed to the way back of the line with all the stress on sustainability and animal welfare. I wish all three became a trifecta of issues that were discussed in the same breath. Come on Chipotle, do the right thing.

A quickie article in The Atlantic by Amy Sullivan about people’s bad food memories in childhood which can lead to never trying that food as an adult. Very interesting.

If you only read one link on this page- read this one: The Atlantic published a very hard-hitting investigation into the super-dodgy owner of the recalled-egg factories, Jack DeCoster. I’ve posted quite a few articles on this guy, I know, but this one gives a really great overview of the last 20+ years of total disregard of federal regulations, animal welfare and honestly, the public’s health. In my opinion this man has lost the right to feed Americans. period.

This story has been everywhere this week- This past Tuesday, The Corn Refiners of America (HFCS Manufactures) applied to the FDA to change the name of High Fructose Corn Syrup to Corn Sugar. *sigh*

The other story that has been reported on all week: GM Salmon could be coming to a grocery store near you!

A great blog post by the Quirky Urbanite about the economics of canning.

My weekly Marion Nestle blog post link: Should WIC Pay for More Functional Foods. Be warned, the post itself is short but comments below are intelligent and insightful. Worth reading.

Oh boy, my favorite (kidding) covert black ops company, Blackwater, are now intertwined with the food industry. Oh Boy. Jeremy Scahill, the investigative journalist who has broken EVERY Blackwater story wrote a great article for The Nation on Monsanto’s (and other corporations) use of their services.


In the “you MUST make this because I can’t” category*: Confections of a Closest Master Baker as an amazing recipe for a savory dish. Gnudi, which is , in Gesine’s words  “a ravioli gone rogue“. She uses a GF flour, garbonzo/fava bean flour for this recipe. I practically drooled while looking at the pictures. What a warm and soothing dinner entrée this would make. Yum!  http://confectionsofamasterbaker.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-day-as-gnudist.html

Sadly, I have never tried this method of cooking dried beans. IN YOUR CROCKPOT. How awesome an idea is that? Am I the only one who’s never attempted this technique? Genius. A Year of Slow Cooking (HIGHLY recommend blog or buy the book- I don’t have it) has the technique.

It was Mexican Cooking Week over at the kitchn and they had a “How to Make Your Own Corn Tortillas” which will be be trying because its hard to find them without any wheat flour*.

I posted a dairy & nut-free pesto this past week, but in my research I found a delish-looking recipe for multiple herb peso over at Food2. Im gonna try it this week.

I’m TOTALLY obsessed with Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking blog- I don’t know where to start. I just found this site today, and I’m in love love love. I’ve been trying to find GF recipes withOUT all the almond flour*- breads, pie crusts, donuts (!!!). How about I start with her gluten-free donut and her post on how to reduce a canning recipes (very handy folks!)

*Miles’ very severe food allergies & Celiac’s*


A Macbook laptop case is also a cutting board– genius.



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