What’s New In Your Kitchen Wednesday? – Rhode Island Edition

So every Wednesday, we dish about something new, exciting or just plain awesome in our kitchens.  Thus far we’ve done lots of interesting things such as new appliances, fantastic popsicle molds, and more!  I’ve racked my brain over what to write about this week but had been having some difficulty because I’m actually not in my kitchen this week.

I am on vacation with my family in Newport, RI.  This is our long-awaited summer vacation, even though the weather we’ve been having has made it seem a bit like fall.  The cool weather hasn’t slowed us down much though…… we’re on vacation so who cares!

So we have been playing, we have been shopping, and my favorite, we have been eating!  So what’s new in my kitchen this week is that I’m not there.  Instead I am in Newport, delighting in the plentiful food that is all around us!  For a change of pace, I thought I would share some of our food wanderings in these last few days of summer.

We found a fantastic little cottage that we’re renting that is only about two blocks from the beach.  This was super important for us because with a 2-year-old, eating out every meal is not only stressful, it’s almost impossible.  While the kitchen is not huge, it certainly has what we need to pull together a hearty breakfast before the beach or to make a yummy dinner with some local produce.  The other night we googled around until we found a farm stand that we could visit to get some different veggies to accompany our dinner.  We ended up finding a great little place called Sweet Berry Farm.

While not everything they carry is local, they do strive to carry a great deal of local products.  We’re actually planning to head back out to the farm on Friday because their U-pick season is in full swing for peaches.  I plan to grab a bunch and bring them back to can for those cold winter months.

We’ve also had the opportunity to eat some great fresh seafood at a variety of restaurants.  Tonight we plan to purchase some lobsters fresh from the fish market and cook them up at the cottage.  It should be quite an adventure.  Anyway, among our adventures we’ve had pizza at a cute little place called Pasta Beach, different seafood pasta dishes at The Brick Alley Pub and I had fantastic  chick pea crepes at The Clarke Cook House.

Long story short, my most favorite thing about my kitchen this week is that I’m not there!  Instead we are out tasting our way around Rhode Island.  What’s your favorite food related thing about being on vacation?  Do you like eating our or would your rather cook in?  Have you had a meal somewhere that you’ll always remember?  Please share your vacation food stories!


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