Our Newest Member…Alexis

We have a new team member and before her first post goes live, I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce her.

From her bio:
“Alexis works as a psychotherapist but is most appreciated for her role as cook by her husband and 20 month old daughter.  She has always loved to cook and finds preparing meals to be a source of rejuvenation even on days when exhausted.  Her interest in food was developed early with the encouragement of her mother who fed her home-made hummus way back when it was still considered a mystery food.  Alexis’s cooking is now driven by healthy ingredients, especially those found in farmers markets, and a desire to find new, creative ways to make eating a pleasurable experience every day.”

I met Alexis twice, the second time is stuck.

Once, last winter, at the squished-for-space Winter Saratoga Farmers Market. Charles & I noticed another family with the same brown/green/pink striped Babies-R-Us umbrella stroller and the cute baby sitting in it. We briefly conversed with the woman exchanging the EXACT same story on why we purchased said low-end, but stylish, umbrella stroller; trips to NYC were hard with a Revolution BOB stroller (!!!) Same strollers, same story and babies around the same age. We parted ways. I hoped to see her again. Alexis was going to tell me about her Tuesday afternoon mom’s group but didn’t. Strangers passing in the market. Had there been more breathing room at the market, things might have turned out differently that Saturday morning…

Jump ahead to May, I was in a Tot Time class at the Malta Community Center and I was in love with a certain mom, Kyla, and her daughter. The semester was coming to a close and I didn’t want to lose touch- cool moms are hard to find- and I asked her if she wanted to have a playdate. She told me about her Tuesday afternoon mom’s group and invited me to join. Well, well… guess who was at my first meeting?  Alexis with her daughter T-Bone. Who made the connection from the Winter Farmers Market? Alexis. I was a little nervous meeting a whole new bunch of moms, explaining Miles’ food allergies while downplaying them but was secretly freaking out at all the snacks and sippy cups. Miles don’t eat that….Miles don’t eat that…..so I was slow to even remember the meeting.

As a friendship has blossomed and grown, as with the other ladies in the mom’s group, I began hearing enticing food concoctions that were being prepared at the Katz household. I kid you not people, when Alexis mentions something she cooked up in her kitchen (she rarely uses recipes) it always sounds flavorful, fresh, modern and nutritious. Alexis’ ingredients and flavor combos were used in ways I had never thought of; really interesting stuff. I could tell that she had a vast cooking history and knowledge so naturally, for selfish reasons, I had to ask her to join the group.  In all seriousness, I knew Alexis would be a welcome addition to the group and our blog not only for her recipes and her wonderful stories about life, love and family but also because of her extensive experience people with eating disorders, the other, darker side of the food coin so to speak.

So welcome to the group Alexis…..Chop Chop….I need that recipe for the brown rice as a savory pie crust STAT…fall is coming….

Spoiler Alert- Her premier post “What’s New In Your Kitchen Wednesday” is pretty awesome. Enjoy!


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  1. Emma says:

    Welcome Alexis- We are happy to have you here!

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