Fruit Kabobs


Its Labor Day weekend and everyone will be going to a picnic sometime this weekend.  My mother has a wonderful pool so we usually gather there on holidays and weekends throughout the summer.  One of our favorite things to bring to a picnic is FRUIT KABOBS!  They not only are delicious, kid friendly but are healthy and there always needs to be at least one healthy option at a picnic.  They are ALWAYS a huge hit with EVERYONE! 

The best thing about Fruit Kabobs in my house is that my 8 year old daughter, Ellie, is responsible for putting them all together.  I cut the fruit and she assembles.  Mom needs some help and I am counting on the kiddos to help out.  

I know it seems simple and easy but this has been a crowd pleaser all summer.  We even went to a “Cupcake Party” last week and I heard several people say…”Fruit, that was a good idea!”   And pretty soon we won’t have all those delicious melons to much on!


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