What’s New In Your Kitchen Wednesday

My What’s New in Your Kitchen Wednesday, is not really a kitchen item, rather a fun, easy, small, portable way to bring things into your kitchen(or any part of your house for that matter).

Reusable bags are all the rage now, which is awesome.com, but I  mean have you seen some of the designs/ styles? YUCK! And to top it off they are big and bulky,  you need a bag just for your bags.  So I was elated when I received this Envirosax reusable shopping bag as a thank you gift from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

What’s so great about this Envirosax bag, you ask?

(From there website)
Chic, inexpensive and compact, Envirosax® carry the message of re-use to a world ready for a brighter ecological future.

  • Tested for strength & safety
  • Super strong, holds 44lbs
  • Fully washable – won’t fade
  • Super convenient & water-resistant
  • Fashionable & fun – a great gift idea!
  • Solution to one-use plastic bags
  • Rolls right up to fit in any size purse, bag or pocket

I use this bag for almost anything- Farmers market, library books, wet bathing suits, knitting.  Basically, anytime I leave the house I make sure to have this handy.  Read more about its great feature’s on there website(click the link above).

Envirosax’s also make great gifts.

{Disclaimer:I did not receive anything from envirosax for this positive review}


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