What’s New In Your Kitchen Wednesday


The Pastry Cutter.  This was a shower gift for our wedding over 12 years ago…well not this one…a couple months ago the handle on my pastry cutter broke.  Of course I could still use it and did.  I would throw it away once a new one was purchased.  Well, looking all around for it one night I finally asked my husband if he had seen it.  Yes, you guessed it he had tossed it.  Finally after weeks of searching I found one at Different Drummer’s Kitchen at Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany. http://differentdrummerskitchen.com

This item is used several times a week in our kitchen.  For several different things, but the best thing about a pastry cutter is that the kids love it and can use it independently and you don’t have to worry about them chopping their fingers off.  Now if that is not a bonus I don’t know what is! 

Uses :

Mushing, smushing and mashing bananas for banana bread

Mushing, smushing and mashing avocados for our brownie cookies

Making guacamole

Making egg salad.

Making my mother’s pie crust


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Christina says:

    I look at this instrument at BBandB, Target, where ever and I always want it but didn’t know what I would use it for other than dougy stuff- didn’t think outside the box to smushing stuff- I feel like a professional smusher- I need one of these!!!!

    1. thea says:

      I never thought to use this for mashing banana and avacado. Great idea. Ellie is beautiful.

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