What’s New In Your Kitchen Wednesday


My daughter’s birthday was a couple weeks ago, and a dear friend gave us these awesome popsicle molds made by Tovolo.

I had been keeping my eye out all summer for some just like these, but with no luck. So, when they arrived in the mail, we were super excited to use them. After test round #1, they’re a hit! Here’s what I love about them:

  • the molds stand in the base in a very stable way…no spills when filling them
  • once frozen, the popsicles slide right out (in the past, molds I’ve used have often left me with a stick in my hand, popsicle still in the mold. ugh.)
  • the popsicle stick base has a curved lip that catches drips (translation: LESS MESS!!)
  • they’re BPA free (read about its questionable safety here)
  • they’re FUN and EASY!

For our first batch, I did half popsicles and half creamsicles. First, assemble your ingredients and supplies. I used Stonyfield Farm Organic Plain Yogurt and R.W. Knudsen Morning Blend Juice (these juices are sooo good!).

I mixed up a bowl of yogurt and added enough juice to make it look right (slightly creamy, slightly juicy).  I’d say it was about a 3 parts yogurt to 1 part juice combo.  Then I just filled the molds.  Half were filled straight from the juice bottle, the other half were spooned in from my bowl.

A couple hours later, we enjoyed the fruits of our barely-labor (seriously, these took about 5 minutes to make!).  They are delish, and the possibilities are endless…any juice, chopped fruit add-ins, straight up yogurt, chocolate milk….I can’t wait to keep experimenting.

{Disclaimer: I did not receive anything from Tovolo for this positive review}


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  1. We grew up on popsicles made with similar molds – they were always an amazing treat

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