What’s New in Your Kitchen Wednesday

This is  a {newish} weekly post will be written by all of us ladies on a rotating basis. I say newish because Sarah started the rotation last week with her great post on her adored salad spinner. Our goal with the weekly post is to begin a conversation about exciting gadgets/appliances/cookbooks/food products/blogs/linens/websites that are new or loved in our kitchens and yours.

I’m going to go the big appliance route as our new stove has made the biggest difference in our lives of late. Pre-July 6th, 2010 our 1980’s townhome featured a cream 1980’s inefficient electric stove. It had no timer, no oven window, the oven was about 50 degrees off, the burners took about 15 minutes to heat up and while you were using the oven you could almost (and I mean almost) boil water on the back right burner. I know I say this with every post but “due to Miles’ multiple food allergies” we cook A LOT. I mean, everything from all our breads to baked good to sunbutter berry power bars to all entrees side dishes, ect. So our house was HOT 100% of the daytime and LOTS of loaves of bread and baked goods were under cooked due to our oven temp. Yes, I used an oven thermometer and could compensate, about 80% of the time. The other 20% were disasters of undercooked artisian loaves of bread and cakey brownie gooyness. Plus, the personal energy loss due to my consistent temper tantrum were growing old. But in my defense, when you’re cramming 90% of all the cooking and baking during daily nap times- a failed loaf of bread is a no go. Simply unacceptable.

So the time had come, a holiday weekend, when we knew big box stores would be running sales and we could get a small deal on an appliance. These “big” purchases can be wrought with stress as this is our “starter” home, our smallish townhome for the next 5 years until we can get that “dream” home. Therefore, we want a quality appliance with a high energy star rating but without some of the bells and whistles I would LOVE to have in a dream stove top & oven.

{Oh so shiny! July 6, 2010}

We decided on a Whirlpool with a 20% discount, free delivery and free take away of the “Olde Creamy”. This sexy black and stainless number has an optional CONVECTION oven (nice to meet you perfect food in 2/3rd the time), environmentally friendly ceramic stove top (no messy burners- yeah!), a warming burner (hello homemade coconut milk yogurt), and steam cleaning function with unexposed oven burners (holla!).

The oven has been in its new home for exactly one month and boy has it been worth every penny. I use it for 3-5 different applications a day, from my beloved stove top espresso to making roasted chicken to scrambled eggs. I couldn’t be happier. Since its summer, I think the best feature is that it doesn’t turn my 1st floor into a sauna upon every use.

{The 1st thing I made on the new stove- liquid gold of course!}

Side Note: I love strong, black liquid gold..um….I mean coffee. I have since high school, my job as a barista at Cafe Dolce on Jay Street in Schenectady in the early 1990’s didn’t help curb my addiction. I’ve been making my coffee via an Italian stove top espresso maker since the age the age of 18 and I’ve never turned back. If you’re interested in brewing on the dark side, here’s a link.

I digress…Back to the topic at hand.
Do you own an appliance that is tried & true?
Or a appliance you want out of your house today?
Or a funny or not-so-funny story of an appliance dying on you?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah F says:

    Hey this is perfect timing because I need advice from everyone on an appliance! My new (got it for Xmas this year) food processor broke the other night. I’m so angry as this is absolutely a go-to “appliance” for me. I can’t live without making my own hummus, pesto, you name it. So the one I received as a gift was a Food Network one. While big and I believe expensive, it was not quite what I wanted. Basically it was just big (12 cups) and we all might remember from the salad spinner post how I feel about big things that I need to store. Anywho! Any advice on the right food processor for me would be greatly appreciated! Happy Thursday.

    1. Christina says:

      Sarah- you got that food processor for Xmas and its already busted…Oh, I’d be sooo annoyed. So I’ve had the basic Cruisinart Pro for many years and its great. It comes with a bunch of attachments, dough blade/ grater/meat slicer- all of which I’ve used-especially the grater- I’ve used it a lot this summer to grate and freeze veggies. I think its the best deal for the $99 price tag. I have no idea how to do a pretty link in comments so here’s the messy link: http://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-DLC-10S-Classic-7-Cup-Processor/dp/B00004S9EM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1281631047&sr=8-1

    2. Emma says:

      Hey- what brand do you have Sarah? I thought mine was broke after a day of to much use- about a month later I pulled out the paper work and called the company. The lady on the phone was able to tell me how to fix it. Don’t give up I say call the company.

  2. Thea says:

    Oh how I LOVE black coffee! Decaf actually. I have been wanting to curb my addiction to $3 decaf americano’s at bucks for a while but didn’t know how. I think I will be getting myself an Italian Stovetop espresso maker. I could just hug you! Thanks!

    1. Christina says:

      Thea- let’s hug. You need it, I need it. Not a lot of people understand the as-dark-and-sluggy-as-you-can-get coffee (decaf or regular- Im with you on the decaf (sometimes)… I linked to a known “good” version of the stovetop but I have also gotten mine at various Goodwillls, Flea Markets and garage sales for a few bucks a piece. Oh, and I have a smaller 2 cup one with a special valve that makes creama. I can link to that one, as its a very specific item, if you want it.

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