Our {1st} Giveaway!


We wanted to celebrate our blog launch, so we’re happy to announce our first giveaway!

Drumroll please……..

{Put ‘Em Up by Sherri Brooks Vinton}

From Scratch club are in LOVE with this book.  We truly can’t say enough good things about it. Both Sarah & I have preserved/canned/salsad/jammed/pickled our way through the book and we knew NOTHING (squat!) about food preservation. Sarah reviewed the book here. I reviewed the book here.

After reading our blog, the author Sherri Brooks Vinton and her publisher, Storey Publishing in North Adams, MA, agreed to give us a book for the giveaway!


1) Open to US residents only

2) Giveaway ends at midnight Monday, August 16th, 2010.
The winner will be announced by midnight Tuesday, August 17th, 2010.

3) We will be picking the winning comment randomly via random.org.

4) All entries will be in the form of a comment BELOW. You can comment up to 5 times by doing the following:

– 1st comment: answer this question, What do you hope to preserve with the summer bounty?

– 2nd comment: subscribe to either our RSS Feed or email subscribe service, then comment that you did so.

– 3rd comment: link to this blog/giveaway on your Facebook page, then comment below that you did so.

– 4th comment: twitter about this giveaway, then comment below that you did so.

– 5th comment: visit either Sherri Brooks Vinton’s or Storey Publishing’s website (see above for links), then comment below that you did so!

Again, ALL entries (up to five total) need to be in the form of a comment below. Other comments on other blog posts will not count towards this giveaway.



33 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris says:

    Hey All! I just subscribed to your email notifications. I have been reading since Sarah F first linked this blog on Facebook. Who knew such fun stuff was going on a mere 3 hours away?

  2. Chris says:

    And, to answer your question. . .I would love to preserve some salsa this summer! There are so many yummy options for salsa and I think I would like to try multiple recipes, especially one with corn.

  3. Dianna says:

    We can tomato sauce every year to get us through the long, cold, sunless winter. On a good year, we can a hundred quarts using tomatoes, garlic, onions, basil and peppers that we grow in our gardens. On a bad year, like last year, we buy tomatoes and can 25 quarts.

  4. Kim says:

    I love your blog and great idea for the giveaway! We have so many cucumbers this year that I would love to preserve some homemade pickles…In general, I would love to become a bit more savvy with preserving and canning our garden products.

  5. Tomato salsa – our family consumes this staple in large quantites.

  6. I been getting your RSS feed for a couple weeks and have immensely enjoyed it.

  7. Amy H says:

    Sounds like Philip K and I are on the same wavelength: I also plan on making salsa (in part, with produce from Kilpatrick Family Farm, the remainder from my garden — or should i say it vice versa? 🙂

  8. Amy H says:

    I just subscribed to the email service! I am really happy to have found you (I’m up in LkGeo.)

  9. Amy H. says:

    Happily left a link on my FB page about your blog and contest

  10. Kris says:

    jam, relish and pickled garlic

  11. Dianna says:

    I have been getting the feed for a few weeks, since Chris sent it to me.

  12. Sara Keller says:

    I have a above ground garden with herbs and veggies and I know I’m not going to be able to eat or give them all away and I don’t want anything to go to waste. So I would love to know how to save/preserve everything that I have left over!

  13. Chris says:

    Now all of my friends on Facebook can see what you guys are up to.

  14. Alexis says:

    I love the looks of this book and may need to get my hands on it even if I don’t win it. I’ve subscribed and will post a link! As for preserving, I’d like to figure out a new way to make chutney from farmers market goods (does that count?).

    1. Sarah F says:

      Absolutely Alexis. And there are recipes for chutney in the book. Good luck!

  15. Thea says:

    I am clueless about preserving so this book would be great!

  16. Thea says:

    I jumped ahead without reading rules 🙂 I would like to preserve blueberries as they are my favorite summer fruit!

  17. Thea says:

    I already subscribe:)

  18. Thea says:

    posted about this on facebook!

  19. Thea says:

    visted sherri brookes site!

  20. Thea says:

    tweet done! Phew:)

  21. Kim D says:

    Well, I would have to say we would eventually try to do it all! First would have to be a watermelon salsa. Thankfully we have a fantastic variety of fruits & veggies in our garden and this would be a big step towards reducing any waste.

  22. Kim D says:

    Subscribed but it stops here with me….we do not facebook or tweet! Good luck to all and regardless I need to pick up this book! Thanks for incuding me in this.

  23. Chris says:

    Visited Sherri’s site. . .good stuff!

  24. Brenda says:

    Posted it on my Facebook page! How fun!

  25. Ann P says:

    I have been reading for some time now. The book sounds so good to me. I may have to hijack my canning supplies back from Sarah F, since she got them from me (her mom). Oh, and I have signed up for the email subscribe service.

  26. Kyla says:

    The book sounds great to me. I’d love to do some salsa and some yummy delicious pickles for satisfying my preggo cravings.

  27. Robyn says:

    I would LOVE to preserve some upcoming butternut squash. Can’t get enough of it!

  28. Kristin says:

    I preserved 60 quarts of dill pickles, a summer tradition with my sister.

  29. Kristin says:

    I subscribed! Love it!

  30. Jodi says:

    We love to make jam, but would also like to try preserves! Looks like a great book!

    1. Emma says:

      YAY Jodi!

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