Weekend Reading {a new weekly post}

We are starting a new weekly Friday post, “Weekend Reading”, where we will link to national and local food-related news or commentary, interesting happenings in the food-blog world and recipes to scan during your weekend leisure time. Um, leisure time? Well, that’s another topic for another day…

This post will most likely be my sole responsibility because of one time-eating habit. I will admit it here on From Scratch Club…wait for it….I’m subscribed to over 400 RSS Feeds (!!!!!). I don’t read all the blog posts, I quickly scan them through Google Reader on both my laptop and/or IPad. I breeze through the list for interesting stuff and only click on the ones that tickle my fancy. Its efficient, if you wanna spend time scouring the internet. I do. If you don’t, then this weekly post is for you as I’ve done all the work for you!

Lastly, please feel free to join the conversation and post a link of YOUR interest in the comments.

National Food Policy

Senate (finally) passed the Child Nutrition Act

On August 2nd, First Lady Michelle Obama published an Op-Ed on the need to pass said bill in the Washington Post.

On her blog Food Politics, Dr. Marion Nestle discusses why the FDA must act on health claims made by food companies.

Michael Pollen briefly speaks with the Wall Street Journal (Everyone in the food world is reposting this interview, so we must too. But in all honesty, its fluff.)

On Change.Org’s Sustainable Food, Kristen Ridley discusses the meaning behind the 8 Misleading Food Label Terms Every Eater Should Know
This story is almost a month old, but if you haven’t read about UC Davis’ Olive Center recent study on what’s been found in many imported and domestic olive oil you’ll want to check out this article. Its especially noteworthy to the food allergic community as peanut oil has been found as one of the ingredients. U.S. Department of Agriculture has created “voluntary” regulations.

A more recent story is how many California businesses are suing over the olive oil controversy.


I’m not going to lie, many of my local food news will probably be sourced from Steve Barnes’ blog, Table Hopping, at Times Union. Good stuff.

Table Hopping & Times Union 2nd Annual Mac & Cheese Bowl to benefit Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York will be held Saturday, Feb. 19, at the Albany Marriott on Wolf Road in Colonie.

According to Steve Barnes, many senior homes will get their own farmer’s market.

Aaren from Wing Road Farm was featured in a story about mixed greens in the Schenectady Gazette

Noteworthy Posts

Table of Promises’ My Food Priorities

100 Days of Real Food’s Day 70

Food In Jar discusses UNsafe ways to can

Molly Wizenberg’s short essay about toast, It is Called Toast, with an accompany recipe.

On Culinate, Matthew Amster-Burton, discusses his love for cookbooks and the future in digital.

For the food allergic community I have two links:

Brooklyn Allergy Mom discusses tips for 4th of July. This post is helpful for any holiday party/ vacation/ playdate

A quick post from Peanuts in Eden about the stress of traveling with a food allergic child


Shockingly Delicious’ Sweet Zucchini Refrigerator Pickles Recipe

Girls Gone Child’s Eat Well: Summer Soups

Tea & Cookie’s Farro Corn Salad

Cooking Channel’s helpful 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make with Zuchinni

Simply Recipes’ French Green Bean with butter & herbs recipe

Gluten Free Girl’s Cucumber Soup

Local Lemons’ Big Bold Summer Soup

Family Bites’ Grilled Peach and Sweet Basil Cornbread Muffins


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you for the mention! – Brooklyn Allergy Mom

    1. Christina says:

      You are very welcome Brooklyn Allergy Mom! You are doing a great service sharing your food allergy journey with the world- they have personally helped our family so much!

  2. Chuckers says:

    I had one of these sun gold tomatoes, and let me tell you- it is good!

    1. Christina says:

      Thanks Hubby. Yup, they are good. Little bombs of sugar.

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