The Adirondacks are Cookin’ Out July 29th {Local Food Event}

This one-day event is at The Adirondack Museum and on a Thursday, blah, so there are inherent issues with actually attending this event but its all about local food and looks so fun, I had to post it. I’m hoping someone reading our start-up blog (do we have any readers?)  is vacationing in or around Blue Mountain Lake and attend.

To quote their website:

“Backyard barbecues and campfire cookouts are a way of life in the Adirondacks. Join us for a celebration of food prepared with smoke and fire. Learn new techniques for outdoor cooking—and share your secrets—with demonstrations, workshops, and a campfire cook off.

Discover more Adirondack food traditions with exhibit tours and hands-on activities. Enjoy musical performances, a grilled lunch, and make your own gourmet s’mores.”

More information at the link above.


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