{Local Biz} Smith Orchard Pies

I don’t know how to make pies. I didn’t grow up making or eating pies, except the grocery store versions on Thanksgiving. I should want to create pies as they focus on the flavors of various seasonal fruits. Other ways to preserve fresh fruits; jams and ice cream are calling my name this summer not pie making.

Until then, I think we’ll be ordering our pies from Smith’s Orchard Bake Shop of Charlton.

Charles’ favorite pie is the rhubarb & strawberry combo. I wanted to try my hand at making a pie for Father’s Day, but I have enough cooking to do day in and day out, so I voted down my own idea on Saturday morning. We attended Sundae on the Farm on Father’s Day (thank you Sarah for the post- see older post) and I was secretly hoping that there would be someone selling pies as there was a “farmers market” section of the fair. I went to the Smith Orchard stand and I immediately said “I already know the answer to this but these aren’t dairy free are they?”… The woman (probably the owner- forgot to do a round of introductions) she said – Oh, our crusts are made with OIL (!!!!! YAY!!!!!) but we do put 1 tablespoon of margarine on the filling before we layer the top crust. She continued by saying that she could simply not put on the margarine and “poof” we have an allergen free pie for all of us to share, hurray!

I made the decision to buy a rhubarb/strawberry pie with the idea we would enjoy it after Miles went to bed. Oh boy was it delicious. and fresh and not too sugary sweet. At 10 bucks a pop for an ENTIRE pie, it is a steal. I highly recommend. There is a bake shop open everyday but Tuesdays. According to their website, they sell numerous local produce and meats.


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