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the wedding invitation

{summer wedding} Vegan Party Food

My son is getting married in a month and, since our caterer is a barbecued chicken joint, I am charged with making one or two supplemental dishes for the vegans to eat. I am perfectly comfortable with vegetarian food since I am a semi-vegetarian, that is, a social meat eater, but I tend to rely […]

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{recipe} Mujaddara, Megadarra, Imjadara, GO!

I love the food of the Levant and the Middle East. I’m an unrepentant omnivore, but the vegetarian dishes from this region are so hearty and delicious on their own, meatless eating doesn’t seem like a punishment. One of my favorites dishes is a rice and lentil one called mujaddara. Or megadarra. Or imjadara. The […]

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{brown baggin’ it} Freezer Friendly

I love living on a budget. And perhaps if I keep telling myself that, one day I might even believe it. Being on a tight budget for the last six months (living alone is really not as cheap as it sounds) has taught me how to keep things simple, and look for ways to stretch […]

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{recipe} Sweet and Spicy Chocolate Black Bean Dip

Yes you read that title right- Sweet and Spicy Chocolate Black Bean Dip. I feel like you need to understand my inspiration for this recipe before I go on… So a few years back during one of my many health kick phases, a.k.a. damn my ass got big I need to do something about it, I […]

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Black Bean Soup

Roasted Vegetable & Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup

Still plugging along on my vegetarian journey…some days are better than others. One of the things that I find helps me get through – especially during these cold winter days – is soup. Soup is so simple, so delicious, and so versatile – practically anything can get dumped into a pot and whipped into a […]

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Thai Red Vegetable Curry

{reflections on food} Resolution 2013: Vegetarian

My aspiration for 2013 is to go vegetarian. My husband moved to Ohio in October for a job opportunity, and I sort of just settled into a primarily vegetarian lifestyle, mostly by accident. My husband is an avowed and unapologetic carnivore. He is a real meat-and-potatoes-but-hold-the-potatoes kind of guy. I do the cooking in our […]

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{recipes} Zucchini Four Ways

Zucchini season is upon us – I’ve been harvesting them daily in my garden. Why I always plant so many when I know that the harvest is predictably plentiful is beyond me. You’ve heard the jokes about the people who sneak around their friend’s houses, leaving zucchinis on their doorsteps when no one is looking? That may […]

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{the new year} coping with mid-winter food blues

Maybe it’s being trapped inside at home with a new baby, but I’m prematurely feeling that mid-winter desperation about what to make for dinner every night.  This feeling worsens when we’ve skipped a week at the farmers market and have no fresh, local produce.  Local green vegetables are already becoming less prevalent and I can […]

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Buddha Bowl

{meal plan routine} The Buddha Bowl

It’s Monday. You have a whole week of lunches and dinners to plan. Well here’s an idea that is super easy to slip into your weekly rotation: The Buddha Bowl! Make it for dinner and save the leftovers for a lunch that you can eat on the go. I’ve been experimenting with different rice bowl […]

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veggie fajitas 3

{locavore challenge} veggie fajitas

The weather here in New York is surely and swiftly turning more autumn-like every day; cooler nights and crisper mornings have me frantically clinging to summer produce and laid-back dinners. This vegetable fajita recipe requires just a little bit of planning to let your local vegetables marinate and then comes together quickly as a one-skillet […]

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8.15.11 128

{SALSA} making good use of fresh summer veggies

Did you know I lived in Mexico for a while? Well I did. It was a phenomenal time, and I wish I could have stayed longer. When I was there I learned a lot about real Mexican cuisine, especially specific to the region where I resided. Foods I learned and now love and crave include pozole (corn […]

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{Fresh from the Garden} Summer Rolls with Cucumber Dipping Sauce

For all of my adult life, I’ve been a big fan of Asian rolls. I didn’t grow up in the most food-savvy town and it’s nice to look back and see how my experiences and my taste buds changed as I traveled and moved farther away from home. At first I only knew about egg […]

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{Savory} Yogurt Inspirations

I was 19 years old the summer I spent two weeks helping to build a wall around a schoolyard in a rural Turkish village.  During breaks, villagers expressed their gratitude (or maybe just entertained their own curiosities about us) by offering us a drink called Ayran.  It’s a salty yogurt drink that on those hot, […]

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{pizza week} CSA Pizza w/ Good Intentions

I love making pizza at home. It’s easy, I can put a lot of vegetables on it, and it always tastes good. A perfect one-dish meal. Today I made pizza using the ingredients from my CSA box and from my garden. Oh my! I have a lot of produce to use up at this time […]

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{garlic scape week} Infused Olive Oil!

The final product of this project was, to me, reminiscent of  jars of formaldehyde, filled with dead snakes and sitting on the shelf of a biology classroom. Now that I’ve whetted your appetite, let me lure you further by emphasizing the ease of creating garlic scape olive oil.  I got the idea from a Martha […]

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