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{Know Your Farmer} tangleroot farm & my kohlrabi salad

We have new farmers this year. They fell into our lap at the last minute and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still getting to know them, but from what I can tell so far we were lucky to find them because their veggies are outstanding. I had hoped to sign up for a CSA this […]

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buckwheat in the field

{Brain Grains Challenge} Buckwheat Amy

Grain Brains Challenge A recipe challenge to help you get whole grains into your mouth, not just your kitchen. Buckwheat is one of those good for you foods that are hard to use. I tend to buy groats or kasha when I’m on a mission to expand my food horizons and the stuff sits in the cupboard, […]

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{recipe} Hearty Lentil Soup

I love lentil soup, my parents and grandparents love lentil soup, my kids love lentil soup, my husband does not love lentil soup, but he eats it anyway. I think of lentil soup as comfort food, warm, filling, a little spicy, topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese served with a warm buttered roll and a […]

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Massaged Kale Salad by Alexis

{ode to a vegetable} Massaged Kale and Me

Kale is important to me. I found it all by myself as a college student and it has stuck with me ever since.  There’s something about kale that represents my food ethics better than any other food.  It is diverse, hardy and adaptable.  Many an evening kale has been my starting point for dinner preparation, […]

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{winter vegetable bounty} Kohlrabi Fritters

Kohlrabi is one of those unusual vegetables that you don’t often see in your local supermarket. It grows well here in the Northeast, and is often found far into winter at farmer’s markets or in veggie shares. Kohlrabi is another member of the brassica family, along with cabbage, and kale, and has a sweetness along […]

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Brussel Sprouts

{from scratch holidays} Brussels Sprouts w/ Home-Cured Bacon

Poor Brussels sprouts. Always the punchline to bad jokes about foods people were forced to eat as a child. These little green globes don’t get the love they should. In fact, I always thought they were a bit “blah” until I had them fresh from the stalk as opposed to boiled from a freezer bag. […]

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this is actually what I was eating for lunch as I began writing this post - 
homemade bread with a bit of olive oil, topped with striped tomato slices (from my garden! only got a few of these beauties this year), topped with mozzarella and toasted. served with local cantaloupe which I eat in mass quantity for 2-3 weeks each August when it is fresh.

{pulling back the curtain} What Liz Really Eats

“She’s standing by the stove – stirring Her cat is in the kitchen – purring It smells so good in here I just wanna close the door and hook the latch Cause she’s makin’ everything – And I mean everything- From Scratch. She takes a little, makes a lot Careful sis, its kinda hot Is […]

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{know your farmer} The Berry Patch

Editor’s Post: ‘Community Voices’ Contributor, Emily L of Capital District Dining Blog, is back with a terrific farm tour of The Berry Patch! We get our berries from The Berry Patch for many of our FSC Academy classes, so I’m very excited that Emily got a chance to have a personal tour! -Christina +++++ I […]

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Veggie Quinoa Chili

{summer bounty recipe} Chilli Time

Editor’s Note: Welcome back Wendy of the local blog Wendalicious, to FSC as one of our monthly ‘Community Voices’ Contributors! Wendy brings us a summer bounty recipe for those ‘fall is in the air‘ evening meals and perfect for a packed lunch for the work week that is inspired by diner chilli. For real. It […]

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a layer of scallions

{community voices} Homemade Veggie Bouillion

Editor’s Note: FSC Community Voices Contributor, Gina M, a local blogger at ModSchooler and a guest contributor at Albany Kid, is back with another doozie of a post: Homemade Veggie Bouillion.  Its getting food preservation serious up in here! Her first post, No-Fuss Slow Cooker Beans is also terrific, perfect for the summertime no-heat kitchen! […]

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{recipes} Zucchini Four Ways

Zucchini season is upon us – I’ve been harvesting them daily in my garden. Why I always plant so many when I know that the harvest is predictably plentiful is beyond me. You’ve heard the jokes about the people who sneak around their friend’s houses, leaving zucchinis on their doorsteps when no one is looking? That may […]

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{FREE DOWNLOAD} Let’s Plan It!

The summer growing season is in full-swing now, and that means veggies might start piling up in your fridge! It makes you moan and groan and feel all guilty but you know it’s true. If you get a CSA share or are an avid gardener, pretty soon you are going to scowl when you realize […]

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{springtime recipe} Of Radishes & Recaps

We were lucky enough to be invited by our Chef’s Consortium friends to participate in another fabulous event (remember the Michael Pollan event?) and this time, we got the chance to introduce the Capital Region to our DIY antics by serving up our first ever tastings table! No demos, just food. Eekkkkk! Annnnnd SO MUCH […]

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on the grill

{recipe} Grilled “French Fried” Potatoes

{This is what summer 2012 will be all about} Summer living, food allergies or not, is delicious and yet requires some thought if you want to eat fresh and healthy food without heating up your kitchen. French fries are in regular rotation in the Fischer family but I can’t bear the thought of turning on […]

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CSA season

{FSC PODCAST} episode 2: all about csa programs

{Christine’s 2011 22-week CSA Share from Kilpatrick Family Farm} This month’s episode is all about CSAs– community supported agriculture! We tell you what CSA is and why it’s awesome for both farmers and consumers. If you’re interested in supporting local farmers and the local food system, this show is for you. Are you still on […]

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