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{fsc swappers} Lauren is a Food Swapper

{fsc swappers} Lauren is a Food Swapper

Editor’s Note: When Lauren’s showed up at the September Schenectady Food Swap with a basket filled with the best caramel bars I’ve ever tasted, I knew she was a natural  at food swapping. I also had a gut feeling that her loot would land her some of the best swap goods to be had- and […]

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{photo diary} Our EPIC FiJ Day

First, I want to say this: As Founder & Editor of FSC NO ONE edits my writing but me. Boo Hoo for me. Do I wish this wasn’t so? Will I try to beg a fellow FSC Contributor to edit my stuff? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes indeed. Sometime my brain does weird things, I’m hoping […]

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farmer jons and solstice hill 064

{summer farm tour} Meet Our Vegetable Farmer

The idea for these summer farm tours started a long time ago, when my husband and I began baking bread for farmers markets in 2004, meeting farmers and enjoying their fresh wares, while simultaneously learning more about the toxins that are an inarguable by-product of our industrialized food-system. As the years progressed, we asked questions, […]

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{drink week} Fun with Limes

Editor’s Note: Before I begin I need to get something off my chest: can you believe its the first day of August 2012 already? Wow. Okay, I’m back & focused. To continue our drink week, we have a brand-spanking-new Guest Contributor, Wendy of the Wendalicious blog and from the Board of the Schenectady Greenmarket (and […]

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{LOOK!} food in jars

{event announcement} Food In Jars Day

…and by Food In Jars, I mean blogger, cookbook author & food preservation instructor Marisa McClennan, her fabulous blog, Food In Jars, and now her first book with the same name: Food In Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year Round. Yup, its a whole day devoted to Marisa’s fabulousness! August 19th is From Scratch Club’s […]

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{drink it up} Watermelon Julep

There are two things that we do well here in Upstate New York come summer: Eating watermelon and racing horses. From late July to Labor Day, the population of one of our beloved towns swells to accommodate horse racing aficionados from around the world. And of course, you can’t watch a good running of the […]

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{scaling up the northeast grain system} The Harvest

If it weren’t for my friend Howard, my wheat would still be in the field. When I got home from vacation last Saturday, I found a message that the wheat was ready. Howard had toured my plot, and found the grain passed the crack test. When the wheat is ready, the seed should feel hard, […]

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my warthog wheat

{Northeast Grains System} wheat in the ‘hood

Now that the wheat we planted really looks like it might become food, I’m beginning to dread its harvest. I feel like the Little Red Hen’s friend, ready to hide until there’s dinner. Even though I’m the one who convinced my family we should plant our new lot – behind our house in the city […]

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{food swap recipe} Oh Nuts!

Editor’s Note: One of our favorite FSC Swappers, Leah A,  is back with another great piece. This time, she is tackling a popular swap item and/or edible gift: candied nuts. In addition to becoming a permanent ‘community voices’ contributor, Leah has also joined our FSC Academy teacher roster, teaching “Cooking with Kids” (at All Good […]

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biggest potato masher I've ever seen!

{FSC EVENT} Free Kids Cooking Class at Chipotle

Besides Farmer Michael of Kilpatrick Family Farm, Justine & Brian of Denison Farm, Dianna & Michael for their urban maple syrup, Josh & Stephanie of West Wind Acres, Rick of Ballston Lake Apiaries, and the uber-talented Canners & Jammers of FSC Swappers,  I can also thank General Manager Tracie, Kendra & Kaia and the rest […]

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{the new year} All Good Bakers’ Full Plates

2011 was a year of amazing growth for me personally and for the tiny bakery my husband and I opened in April of this year. After 25 years of working in restaurants (full and part-time; mostly on, sometimes off), I’m learning how to manage our very own bakery/café – not an insignificant challenge for someone […]

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{pizza week} Feeding Teenagers w/ Doughboys

We have three sons, now all in their twenties. For thirteen years, we had teenage boys at home.  Our house was filled with roving hordes of adolescent boys; boys with skateboards, boys with guitars and drums, boys with spray cans and paint brushes, boys with movie cameras, boys with paint ball guns and nerf guns, […]

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{weekend reading} LOCAL EDITION

FARMERS MARKETS SATURDAYS Albany Central Avenue Farmers Market, Parking Lot of The Linda, 339 Central Avenue, Sat 10-2pm. Brunwick Farmers’ Market, Town Office Rd & Rt 7, Brunswich,  9-1pm Delmar Farmers Market, 332 Kenwood Ave., Bethlehem Middle School, Delmar 9-1pm Glens Falls Farmers Market, South Street Community Park, Glens Falls , 8am – Noon Saratoga […]

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{recipe link love} CSA Program on the Road

As you read this I will be out & about delivering CSA shares to 19 fabulous families, couples and individuals. As Kilpatrick Family Farm‘s CSA Coordinator, I had the crazy idea to do home-delivery CSA Program in areas where we are not represented by a farmers markets stand; such as the Albany/Troy/Schenectady area. All of […]

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{foraging} June is for Dolmades

We have limited light in our small backyard because of trees to our south and west.  We trellis grapes around six and a half feet above our deck and up onto the wall of our house to maximize our edible gardening space. Grape leaves are among the first produce of the season from our garden, […]

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