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I have rediscovered ten pound bags of oranges

{reflections on food} Eat Vegan Before 6

I have been thinking a lot about diet in the last couple of years, partly as a result of writing for this blog, partly because I have had a sedentary job for nearly two decades and it is wreaking havoc on my aging body.  I do lots of things right, I exercise by walking up […]

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Gravlax - burying the fish

{diy project} Homemade Gravlax

I know.. I know.. I said I didn’t like fish.   What I wasn’t really clear on is that I didn’t like cooked fish.  I actually learned to enjoy lox while I worked at (the now closed) Bagel Bite.  And I do still enjoy lox once in a while but have never made it at home. […]

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Remy's hello Kitty birthday cake

{baking basics 101} Let Them Eat Birthday Cake

I have a very large and scary birthday coming up in two weeks.  Last fall I pledged to lose twenty pounds to confront it and, while I did manage to lose 8 pounds, I am  painfully aware that I fell short of my goal.  I think I will drown my sorrows in birthday cake. I […]

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{from scratch holidays} Quick-Braised Carrots

For the holidays, we totally don’t go for traditional recipes. This is due partially to me remembering jello salads and various different riffs on Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup from my childhood. This is also partially because of my husband’s opinion that turkey is really dry no matter what, and usually requires way more effort […]

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long CSA week ever!

{weekend reading} local events & farmers market edition

{LOCAL EVENT} Its just been announced that FSC will be the ‘local expert’ at Sunday’s Schenectady Greenmarket. This is a Sunday market with the hours of 10am-2pm and is located around City Hall (Jay, Liberty, Clinton & Franklin Streets). I’ll manning the table and talking Schenectady food swap & DIY classes, both at The First […]

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Kilpatrick Family Farm Rhubarb

{weekend reading} Outdoor Farmers Market Edition

{FOOD NEWS} Local News –> FSC Contributor has a great piece on All Good Bakers in this week’s METROLAND. Local News —> New York Magazine conducted a taste-test of Greek Yogurts w/ Eric Ripert, Maria Loi, and Orhan Yegen and guess who won #1 in the Full-Fat Category? Our dear farming friends, Argyle Cheese Farmers– […]

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First Radishes of the Season!

{weekend reading} Radish Edition

{FOOD NEWS} Road to 2012 FARM BILL —> 1) Senate Agriculture Committee completed their ‘in committee’ farm bill that now goes to the Senate floor for discussion. Watch Video. 2) National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition comments on the mark-up bill. 3) National Young Farmers Coalition has their very positive reactions to the positive movements forward for […]

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{weekend reading} Earth Day Edition

{FOOD NEWS} Tigress talks about the power of homemade edible gifts. Farmer Josh of West Wind Acres talks the ethics of raising, selling & eating meat. FSC Food Swap love from author & blogger Alana Chernila, and other fabulous FSC Swappers! Ginny, Mamatoga Jenny & Emily. Wall Street Journal w/ 5 Reasons You Should Make […]

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{diy confessions} Baking Bread

Editor’s Note: I have the unbelievably cool job today of introducing a very special guest contributor, Greg Dahlmann, the Co-Founder & Co-Editor of the Capital Region’s best news website/blog All Over Albany (AoA for short). Greg and his partner-in-crime, Mary, have created a one-stop resource for all things- Capital Region. During a recent business coffee […]

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{weekend reading} Springtime Fun Edition

{FOOD NEWS} If you didn’t watch Jillian’s Hatch Cam 2012 it was fascinating watching 15+ eggs turn into fluffy little chicks…now they are 2 weeks old and got a bit of sun this week, take a peek. PEEP! {LOCAL FOOD NEWS} Honest Weight Food Coop’s expansion plans are back on! (YAY!) A wonderful essay by […]

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{weekend reading} 2012 Hatch Cam Edition

{FOOD NEWS} If you didn’t watch Jillian’s Hatch Cam 2012 it was fascinating watching 15+ eggs turn into fluffy little chicks. You can read the play-by-play here and also learn about the next stage of the chick’s lives in the ‘brooder spa’ here (pictures of the little dudes & dudettes are included in the post!) […]

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{weekend reading} Monday Morning Edition

{FOOD NEWS} Antibiotic Use on Livestock: On Earth reports that THEODORE H. KATZ, federal court judge in the Southern District of New York, ruled Thursday that government regulators (the FDA) must conclude whether feeding antibiotics to healthy livestock — a widespread practice in factory farming designed to promote animal growth and prevent disease — could […]

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{recipe} Popovers: my latest breakfast obsession

Popovers are my latest food obsession. Since having a baby a couple months ago, we’ve had guests staying with us periodically.  Despite being preoccupied with the baby, I love to cook and have been relieved to have something special for our visitors that doesn’t require excessive amounts of my time.  I have wonderful memories of […]

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A pile of eggplants waiting for me to get to them

{community sharecropping} September is for Eggplants

September is the biggest harvest month in the community share-cropping gardens.  That means that we have to do something with the perishable stuff we grew all summer.  While I think zucchini make excellent compost, I want to use each and every eggplant, no matter how small.  I have spent years convincing my husband that we […]

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{Savory} Yogurt Inspirations

I was 19 years old the summer I spent two weeks helping to build a wall around a schoolyard in a rural Turkish village.  During breaks, villagers expressed their gratitude (or maybe just entertained their own curiosities about us) by offering us a drink called Ayran.  It’s a salty yogurt drink that on those hot, […]

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