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{recipe} Sweet and Spicy Chocolate Black Bean Dip

Yes you read that title right- Sweet and Spicy Chocolate Black Bean Dip. I feel like you need to understand my inspiration for this recipe before I go on… So a few years back during one of my many health kick phases, a.k.a. damn my ass got big I need to do something about it, I […]

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{FSC Time Machine} Sweets & Treats Part 1

We seriously like our sweets and our treats. While putting together this ‘best of 2012’ post, I quickly realize that we have A LOT of sweets & treats recipes which screamed for multiple installments. While on said FSC Time Machine, I proudly saw that we have MANY, MANY food allergy friendly sweets & treats recipes […]

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fruit leather

{edible gift} Apple Leather

  I have been blessed to find new neighbors who own apple trees this year! Though I am somewhat sheepish to go up to a random person’s house, knock on their door, and ask if they use their apples, I do it anyhow. Both times I’ve done this, the people have responded kindly, and say […]

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{recipe} Gluten-Free Crispy Treat Pops

Hi Folks! I’m thrilled Christina asked me to contribute to the FSC blog. For my first entry, I thought I’d share a bit of a culinary confession. Ready? I don’t like…cake pops. It’s not that I don’t think they’re adorable, I do! It’s just that I find the interior of the pops, usually a mixture […]

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{gluten free / dairy free} S’mores Muffins

As the weather has turned warmer, and more Spring-like, my family has been spending more and more time outdoors. We take walks after dinner, race down the giant slides at the playground, and delight in the smells from our neighbor’s grill. A few evenings we have even smelt wood burning from fire pits and campfires […]

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{gluten & dairy free} Soft Double Chocolate Cookies

Warmer days have started to descend on us, here in the Capital Region of NY, and everyone is cheering, hoping Spring is here to stay. The happiest of those in my house are my children.  They have been playing outside constantly, soaking up the fresh air and the sunny skies.  I wanted an easy, delicious […]

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{recipe & tips} Incorporating Chia Seeds Into Your Diet

Incorporating Chia Seeds Into Your Diet This year the Salvia hispanica, or chia seed, is popping up everywhere. This superfood is worth all of the hype, even if it somehow possesses some people to randomly break out into song about pets. The chia seed has many nutritional benefits. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, Chia is very […]

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rooster and his ladies

{backyard-to-kitchen poultry} Rooster Nuggets

*Reader alert: The following story involves some general information on poultry processing (no gory details or photos, though). If you’d rather not hear more about how the meat my family eats came from real live animals, some of whom grew up in our backyard, stop here. If you do eat meat, however, I would encourage […]

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{cooking with kids} Tips to Keep You Sane

Some say that the kitchen is the heart of the house; the warm gathering spot where good food and laughter is shared.  Unfortunately, this warm, lovely place can sometimes turn into a battle ground when attempting to cook with your kids.  Flour goes flying, tears start pouring and mom/dad feel like shouting. I know that […]

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{be mine} DIY Conversation Hearts

Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love, but also of CANDY! While you might immediately imagine a red, heart-shaped box of chocolates when thinking of Valentine’s Day, there is another candy that has also been capturing hearts. A favorite amongst school-aged children, the Conversation Heart has had a steady fan base over the years.  I […]

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{recipe} Popovers: my latest breakfast obsession

Popovers are my latest food obsession. Since having a baby a couple months ago, we’ve had guests staying with us periodically.  Despite being preoccupied with the baby, I love to cook and have been relieved to have something special for our visitors that doesn’t require excessive amounts of my time.  I have wonderful memories of […]

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{winter projects 2012} Fancy Hi Hat Cupcakes

Editor’s Note: Selifishly, I’m really excited about this post. Miles’ 3rd birthday is Monday and I plan on making him some special cupcakes to share at school… and these are the ones! Hi Hat Cupcakes- nope, I’ve never heard of them either but they look amazing and Becky’s description of them makes me wish a […]

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The filling ready to be topped!

{from scratch holidays} Sweet Potato Casserole

The first holiday dinner I had with my husband he made his mom’s sweet potato casserole for me. To be honest, I was nervous I’d hate it, even though he swore up and down that I’d love it. Up until this point I’d really hated the sweet potatoes that would grace our table on the […]

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{recipe} Butternut Squash Muffins

Editor’s Note: If you attended Honest Weight Food Coop‘s Harvest Fest, then you (hopefully) sampled these muffins before they were gone. For those who have been waiting for the recipe (sorry we ran out of recipe cards too!) here it is… its a keeper in the Fall Season Baked Goods Rotation if you ask me. […]

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{DIY Halloween Candy} Part 1: Peanut Butter Cups

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to say that “we” (Becky) are ON TOP of Halloween early this year. Last year Alexis, Amanda, Leslie, Sarah & I wrote on the theme “Indulgence” whether that be reflections or recipes. This year I’m happy to report that Becky has done ALL the work for the 11 of us. Starting […]

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