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Woodstove Fire

{from scratch holidays} Happy Thanksgiving

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”  ― G.K. Chesterton,  (1874-1936) +++ I asked a few FSC Contributors to share their food-related thanks: I’m thankful for finally having an apartment with a bigger kitchen! I’m thankful for all of the great food inspiration floating around […]

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{food swap recipe} Drunken Martini Olives

Editor’s Note: FSC Swapper, FSC Academy teacher Leah A is back with another food swap recipe from her stockpile of awesomeness. She’s shared Magic Shell, Cucumber-Infused Sake, Spiced Nuts, and her case for contracting Swap Fever. Now: DIY Martini Olives! I swapped for these suckers, and I can say, without hesitation that they are one […]

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{from scratch holidays} Mocktail Mixers

{Grape Expectation} Holiday mode is in full effect. Tonight is the third night of Hanukkah and Christmas is this weekend. Or maybe you are more of a Winter Solstice person. And let’s not forget New Years Eve is next Saturday! Either way, you are probably going to get down with your bad self over the […]

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{from scratch holidays} Perfect Vegan Latkes for Hanukkah

Hanukkah is here, and in our home that means my husband Jeff spends a few days making his perfect vegan latkes (sometimes called potato pancakes, and pronounced “laht-kuhs“). All traditional latkes contain shredded or ground potatoes. Many contain onions and eggs. They are fried in oil (cooking with oil is one of the things you […]

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{edible gift} Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange Peels

My sister-in-law is a new vegan. I had a moment of disquiet about this over Thanksgiving, saying to her, “But what are we going to do about mashed potatoes?” We sub-divided them, of course, which was perfectly sensible. But my next question was even more important: what about dessert?!?!?! Thanksgiving without pie? Really? She made […]

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{from scratch holidays} Challah for Christmas

Some of my earliest memories are of my Jewish grandmother setting out a loaf of challah, along with a spread of white fish, cream cheese, lox and bagels.  She never made any of these foods herself, but challah still reminds me of her.  Recently I developed an interest in making challah bread myself.  Thinking about […]

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{from scratch holidays} Arugula Pesto, Two Ways

I like local food. I like to eat it, I like to read about it and I like to sell it. Every Saturday morning I am lucky enough to talk about and sell local vegetables for Michael Kilpatrick (Kilpatrick Family Farm) at the farmers market in Saratoga Springs. Working at the market is so much fun for me, […]

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{from scratch holidays} DIY Natural Food Coloring

As the Holidays are upon us, cookie-making season is in full swing. My kids have a list of cookies they want to make {or rather, eat}, I have my own recipe list of goodies to try, and then of course there are the edible gifts.  At my house, there will be lots of cookie baking […]

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FSC Gift Labels

{free printables} gift & canning labels

Now that the From Scratch Holidays free e-book has launched you into a gift-making frenzy, we wanted to give you another little present to thank you for helping us create this wonderful community of home cooks, gardeners,  homesteaders, policy advocates and all-around food-lovers. Your response to our very first e-book was overwhelming; to thank you, […]

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{edible gift} Homemade Irish Cream

Every winter, I crave an icy glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Something about it is filling and comforting when the cold weather rolls in.  This year I decided heck, I can make my own butter, I want to try this!  A mason jar filled with this delicious concoction is sure to please almost anyone this […]

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{edible gift} Fudge

Fudge is one of those treats that I usually reserve for the holidays. I’m not sure why, because it really is incredibly easy to make and SO delicious. Served alongside traditional holiday cookies, fudge is a welcome treat in my family. Wrapped in a box (check craft stores for a great assortment this time of year) with […]

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A cutting board, some cheese, and a few nibbles. Now it's a party.

{from scratch holidays} De-Mystifying The Cheese Plate

The words holidays and entertaining seem synonymous. For most people, the only time the top of the bookshelf is dusted is when expecting an onslaught of visitors for the five to six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year. It also raises the timeless question what the heck do I serve all of these people?! If you are […]

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{from scratch holidays} Not Your Grandma’s Tea Sandwiches: Shrimp & Radish Toasts

If I had to choose my favorite type of meal, it would probably be a dinner of appetizers. I love how each little bite is packed with flavor and color. During the December holiday season I make a lot of appetizers for parties and festive dinners. One of my new favorites is a twist on […]

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{edible gifts} DIY Coffee Creamer

Every few months or so the topic of flavored creamer comes around in my circle of friends. Many of them are curious as to how to make their own for various reasons, usually it is because they are concerned about the chemicals in store bought flavored creamers,  they are allergic to milk, or because of […]

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a finished alegria bar

{edible gift} Alegria, a traditional Mexican amaranth dessert

On the one hand, I really like cookies, like the way they look, like the way the taste, like their size and variety.  On the other hand, I am on the far side of 50, have a sedentary day job and would like to survive to enjoy 25 years or more of active retirement, so […]

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