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Gardens @ The Farmers Museum

{FSC Time Machine} Gardening in 2012

For the next handful of weekends, I’ll be jumping on the FSC Time Machine to create recap-posts of the  different topics we covered in 2012. Since Dianna, hit it out of the park this week with her post {Gardening in 2013} Homegrown Dry Beans, I thought I’d kick-off the series with our gardening posts! Get out […]

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A hard-necked garlic braid in a herring bone pattern.  The scapes, not the leaves, are used to make the braid.

{community sharecropping} How to Braid Garlic

This year we harvested our garlic on July 10, let it dry for two weeks and then decided to braid some of it. Most years we make a mixture of hard and soft neck garlic braids but this year we were only able to braid our soft neck garlic.  While we can usually braid the hard […]

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{community sharecropping} July is for Garlic Harvest

Garlic is an easy crop and should have a place in every home garden.  The individual cloves are planted in October, lie dormant in the ground all winter, and then are among the first plants to sprout in the spring.  You can buy garlic heads from your local farmers market this fall, break them up […]

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