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{recipe} Pumpkin Seed Cherry Date Treats – Allergy Friendly, Raw, No Refined Sugar

This is a super easy and quick recipe for a delicious, and very nutritious, snack treat. It’s raw, vegan, and unsweetened by refined sugar – all the sweetness is down to the dates. Be sure to use coconut flour, not shredded coconut, to get the right texture and flavor. Because these Pumpkin Seed Cherry Date […]

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{RECIPE REcap} Homemade Halloween Goodies

Halloween is right around the corner, why not get creative in the kitchen with your chocolate skills or your sugar skills! The FSC Time Machine starts us out with the Becky Show with all of her fabulous posts from October 2011 from her D.I.Y. Halloween Candy Series, then we move into other sugary items that […]

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{recipe} Customizable Cold Sesame Noodles

I like recipes that can be adapted for different situations, dietary conditions and to seasonal availability of produce. I also like to have some that are really easy and quick to make, because let’s face it, sometimes you just want to eat without a lot of fuss, but still make something healthy. This recipe lends […]

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{gf recipe} Chocolate Chip Cookies, Two Ways

…(Or a how to make perfect chocolate chip cookies)   Chocolate chip cookies are great conversation starters. People are passionate about them. Some folks like ‘em crispy, others chewy, then there’s the whole “with nuts or without” debate. And don’t even get people started on their feelings about raisins in chocolate chip cookies. (I’m firmly […]

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{gluten free recipe} Irish Soda Bread Cakes

I’m about to share a recipe flop with you. Enticing, isn’t it? Let me explain. Lately I’ve been playing with whole-grain/rice-free gluten-free recipes and I turned my attention to Irish soda bread. Years ago, I created a recipe that makes a large loaf of Americanized soda bread. It’s delicious. Among other things, it contains caraway […]

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{baking basics 101} How to Make Cut-Out Cookies

Is it just me or does a plate piled high with cut-out cookies look both elegant and homespun at the same time? Over the years, however, I’ve had many people tell me that they avoid making cut-out cookies. Due to bad experiences, they only make drop cookies. And while drop cookies are wonderful, it’s nice […]

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{FSC Time Machine} Sweets & Treats Part 1

We seriously like our sweets and our treats. While putting together this ‘best of 2012’ post, I quickly realize that we have A LOT of sweets & treats recipes which screamed for multiple installments. While on said FSC Time Machine, I proudly saw that we have MANY, MANY food allergy friendly sweets & treats recipes […]

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{gluten free recipe} Not-so-Sweet Granola

While I love granola, sometimes it’s too sweet for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, sweet granola has a place in my heart–and in my kitchen. But starting in January, after munching through more Christmas cookies than I care to admit, I just don’t want a sweet granola. Instead, I prefer a granola where the […]

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Snow Man G Wilikers

{recipe recap} Edible Gifts, Part 3

(you can click in the link above for all of our ‘fsc holiday posts from 2010-2012) This is this final recap of our 3-Part Edible Gift Recipe Recaps so that you can quickly reference the posts when you need them, because to be honest, these edible gift recipes are great year-round for any special gift-giving occasion. This is […]

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{edible gift} Making D.I.Y. Treats for Your Food Allergic Friends

Ask Permission Many folks on a restricted diet simply aren’t comfortable eating treats—no matter how lovingly and safely made—from a kitchen that isn’t 100% free of their allergens. Before spending time and money on a recipe that your friend won’t be able to enjoy, ask them if they’re comfortable accepting a home baked treat. Let […]

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Stuffing (1)

{from scratch holidays} How to Make GF Stuffing

Family recipes for stuffing are as unique as families themselves. No matter what recipe you follow or what you add to your stuffing, here’s how to make delicious stuffing that just happens to be gluten-free: 1) Bake or buy a loaf of gluten-free bread. For stuffing, my preference is gluten-free white sandwich bread. Why? It […]

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{Gluten & Dairy Free} Strawberry Lemonade Muffins

{It’s strawberry picking season and I couldn’t be happier} My favorite thing about the summer months is picking fruit: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, peaches… It is the thought of summer days, picking fruit, that gets me through the winter months. Each dreary winter day is one step closer to having a fresh, ripe berry […]

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paleo dry mix

{paleo recipe} My Everything Baking Mix

I’ve been mulling over creating a great gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free baking mix in my brain for almost a year now. Finally a moment of inspiration came to me and I made a bee line for my kitchen to put together this gem of a recipe. I say gem because it is the most versatile mix […]

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{gluten free / dairy free} S’mores Muffins

As the weather has turned warmer, and more Spring-like, my family has been spending more and more time outdoors. We take walks after dinner, race down the giant slides at the playground, and delight in the smells from our neighbor’s grill. A few evenings we have even smelt wood burning from fire pits and campfires […]

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Yum, carrot cake. No matzo at all in it.

{recipe} Flourless Carrot Cake for Passover

As I said around this time last year, Passover is my favorite holiday. It is like Thanksgiving on steroids;  Thanksgiving with four thousand years worth of family recipes and stories and traditions and ritual mandates.  It also has challenging food restrictions thrown in. The basic idea behind the food restrictions associated with Passover is that […]

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