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{fermentation} Kombucha Confessions

    I don’t like kombucha. There, I said it, and it feels good to get it off my chest. You see, I’ve been dabbling in fermentation for quite some time. I have brought milk and water kefir grains to food swaps and discussed probiotics with the best of them. I think a glass of water […]

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A fully developed starter at 100%, ripe and ready to go to work.

{fermentation} Make your own sourdough starter

Editors note: We’ve had a lot of talk about bread baking and sourdough lately, so I reached out to Otis Maxwell of “Burnt My Fingers” to solicit his expertise on making a sourdough starter from scratch.  Having sampled Otis’s bread at many a From Scratch Club Swap, I was very excited when he agreed to […]

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Dehydrated Celery

{making it last} Dehydrating Celery

Editors Note: I’m pleased as punch to welcome our newest Community Voice!  Ida Walker is a freelance editor and author. She’s also behind Ida’s Artisan Kitchen and the blog The Enabling Cook. She loves to make cheese, bread, sausage, bread, beer,  hot sauce, jelly, and jam, among other things. She also dehydrates, ferments, cans, and […]

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{Ask FSC} Pick our brains

If you are looking at the fine print, you will notice that this is not Chris, but Jeni B.  We know things have been pretty quiet around here lately, and we thank you so much for sticking with us while we rearrange a few things. I am honored and excited that Chris has asked me […]

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photo 3

{Farm Aid 2013} Makin’ Bacon Escapades

A few weekends ago a few of us had the immense priviledge of attending FarmAid, right in our own backyard. We got to assist in the Homegrown Skills tent showing people an array of demos sourced from the blog. Initially I didn’t know how many people would want to wander to our tent when so […]

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photo2 gleaned apples

{recipe} Upside-down Maple Apple Tart

Growing up in Brazil, I gleaned with my family for food post harvest, scouring the countryside for fruits and vegetable that might otherwise go to waste. As a cook and an artist, I find the act of gleaning carries into my work: I don’t want to waste anything. So this season it has been the […]

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{diy project} Fermented Hot Sauce – Airlock Method

Last year I experimented with various veggie lacto-fermentation projects, like kimchi and pickles. I also ran a test to see if I could come up with a decent sriracha, and found the results exceeded my expectations. This year, I decided to try out using an air lock, instead of worrying about ziploc baggies filled with […]

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{Craft} Thrifted Silverware Garden Markers

Happy Summer Everyone! Lauren Brown here with my recent crafty obsession … I’m excited to be back on FSC after a long tax season!!! Hand-stamped, Thrifted Silverware Garden Markers. A mouthful, I know. This year marks our second year of having a home and therefore a home garden. Our garden has evolved from 1 big […]

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{reflections on food} My Fermentation Life/How to Make Kombucha

During any given week in my life lately I have multiple glass jars in the corner of my kitchen containing various fermentation projects.  I love it.  I love having stuff growing right there in my kitchen.  A little microbial garden.  I also love having a constant flow of home-made foods that are good for me. […]

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Yum, pizza!

{diy project} High Achieving Slothfulness

We make maple syrup by tapping neighborhood trees every year and boiling the sap down in our driveway on a make-shift cinder block fireplace.  This year our syruping partner Lin suggested that we try using the fire to cook while we sat around all day drinking rum and watching the sap boil; a kind of […]

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Gravlax - burying the fish

{diy project} Homemade Gravlax

I know.. I know.. I said I didn’t like fish.   What I wasn’t really clear on is that I didn’t like cooked fish.  I actually learned to enjoy lox while I worked at (the now closed) Bagel Bite.  And I do still enjoy lox once in a while but have never made it at home. […]

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{diy project} Milk Kefir

Recently, I came across a fellow food swapper who had milk kefir grains, and was in search of water kefir grains. I had water kefir grains, and was excited to try milk kefir. A happy swap was born! Like water kefir, milk kefir is fermented at room temperature, so it is easier to make than […]

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Finished Chocolate

{diy project} homemade chocolate bars

AHHH…chocolate. If my best friend was a food this would be it.  So amazingly satisfying on many different levels with so many options in flavors and taste. Milk, dark, bitter, organic, fair trade; the spices and flavorings are endless.  Little does one realize though, chocolate is simple, easy, and quick to make yourself. You just […]

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{diy project} Water Kefir

I’ve been doing some pretty interesting kitchen chemistry experiments as of late. Glass bottles full of mysterious liquids topped with paper towels and rubber bands populate my kitchen counter. Lucky house guests get to try my creations, and most seem to like them. It all began when I got water kefir grains from a friend. […]

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Place Setting Progress 06

{from scratch holidays} Thanksgiving Tablescaping Part 3

Editor’s Note:  Ms. Lauren from Craft My Life Away is back with her final installment in her three-part Thanksgiving Tablescaping series. Her first installment ran on Friday and her 2nd piece, FILLED with patterns & instructions, ran yesterday- check it & craft on! -Christina I’m back with Part 3 of my 3 Part Installment obsessing over Thanksgiving Tablescaping. All of the […]

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