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Chicken Spinach Enchilladas

{Kitchen Confessions} Quick Chicken Enchiladas

I have a confession to make. Brace yourselves. Sometimes I cheat… …sometimes I cheat and I buy a pre-roasted chicken from the grocery store! Oh man, does it feel good to get that off my chest. Let’s get real.  I mean, I work all day.. I have a regular  J.O.B. and there are times it […]

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{the new year} coping with mid-winter food blues

Maybe it’s being trapped inside at home with a new baby, but I’m prematurely feeling that mid-winter desperation about what to make for dinner every night.  This feeling worsens when we’ve skipped a week at the farmers market and have no fresh, local produce.  Local green vegetables are already becoming less prevalent and I can […]

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{FSC Time Machine} Fall Recipes 2010

{Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival, 2010} This blog went public in July of last year with Alexis, Amanda, Leslie & Sarah. A lot has changed since then but I don’t want those early posts to go unnoticed now that we have a larger readership. Today I am dedicating the post to fall recipes & event-recaps […]

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{pizza week} My First CSA Pizza

Editor’s Note: Let’s welcome back Erica G as a contributor! Erica & her 3 year old son Dominic are enjoying their first season as a CSA Member. This pizza post was written back in late June during the first weeks of their Denison Farm CSA Share. Erica will continue exploring her first CSA season in […]

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{pizza week} Checking our Inventory

Pizza is one of my most favorite foods. It’s something that I enjoy in all its various transformations from Chicago deep dish, to New York hand tossed, to super duper thin crust. At home I often make thin crust but have sometimes made one with a slightly thicker crust that actually bakes up in my […]

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{recipe} Green Enchiladas in the Frozen North

I have lived in upstate New York since 1986 and my steadfast complaint since that time has not been about the weather, although the weather does suck, but about the lack of decent tortillas.  While politicians bray about the influx of illegal Mexican immigrants into the country, I have been praying that they would come […]

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{recipe} Jerusalem Artichoke & Beef Enchiladas

Recently I’ve been trying to incorporate as many veggies as possible into our meals so that I don’t get too behind on all my CSA goodies. It’s amazing how much stuff I get each week so I really need to keep track and plan things out because I absolutely hate wasting food. This week I […]

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{Enjoying} Swiss Chard: Quiche

I love quiches. They are my go-to dish and since I am a total cheater and use store-bought pie crusts, they are really easy to make. It doesn’t matter what kind of veggies you have on hand, you can somehow turn them into a quiche filling. Although now that I think about it, carrots might […]

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{Enjoying} Swiss Chard: Veggie Burgers

If your farmer’s market is anything like mine, you’ve been seeing a lot of swiss chard lately. It’s beautiful to look at – a tight bunch of dark, strong, leafy greens with brightly colored stems. It has such a presence and some people just love it. They see it at the market stand and can’t […]

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{St. Patrick’s Day} green macaroni

We fall into the “mutt” category in our family…Irish is in there, but not enough to really call myself Irish. So, aside from throwing on a green shirt each year, I’ve never really given much thought to St. Patrick’s Day. Until my smarty-pants three-year-old asked me what we will do for St. Patty’s this year. […]

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{St. Patricks Day} boxty on the griddle

Editor’s Note: Welcome FOODPRESS readers!  Our St. Patrick’s Day {theme week} continues with Dianna. I have NEVER heard of Boxy…bring it on Dianna! -Christina Boxty on the griddle, boxty on the pan, If you can’t bake boxty sure you’ll never get a man. Irish children’s rhyme (can’t you see the little girls jumping rope?) My […]

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{recipe link love} Valentine’s Day 2011

If you’re celebrating the lovely holiday with home-cooked food then I’ve got a comprehensive recipe round-up for you. I have also included some hand-crafted gifts too. My husband and I are celebrating with one-hour massages and lunch while the grandparents babysit Miles…ahhhh.   First up, Mast Baker Gesine’s AMAZING work. These cakes are truly artistry […]

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{dark days} Week 10: My Miso Obsession

Editor’s Note: This is the 10th week of a 4 1/2 month challenge, Dark Days, a pledge taken by 88 blogs spanning the country, to eat one meal a week as sustainable, organic, local and ethical possible.  This week is yours truly and my miso obsession. – Christina Its miso madness month in my house. […]

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{soup swap} Bean ‘n Pasta Soup

QUICK, EASY, HEARTY and TASTY… you have to give it a try this winter.  Did I mention QUICK…isn’t that music to your ears!  It is very easy to adapt and add your families favorites into this soup;  add extra veggies, use your favorite beans, and meat lovers can add sausage or pepperoni. I have been making […]

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{Dark Days} Week 9: Cooking in LA?

Editor’s Note: This is the ninth week of a 4 1/2 month challenge, Dark Days, a pledge taken by 88 blogs spanning the country, to eat one meal a week as sustainable, organic, local and ethical possible.  – Christina ——————————– I feel like I really blew it on this Dark Days challenge. Here I am […]

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