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{recipe} Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp

I remember the moment that I realized there were raspberry and blackberry bushes in the back yard of my newly bought house a few years ago. Pure joy. I have always loved fruit picking – it’s one of my favorite pastimes. Over the past few years we’ve planted fruit bushes and trees in our third […]

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vatrushka11 by Ellie Markovitch

{recipe} Vatrushka, Russian Tea-Time Snack

I asked my husband to write down some of the recipes he misses from his childhood in Estonia. He wrote Vatrushka on our family message board and it was there for over a year. I am on the third version and we are all happy with how it came out.  My starting point was a […]

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{candy} Gimme a Break: Homemade Twix Bars

Chocolate. Caramel. Shortbread. Three of the loveliest words in the English language. And bringing them all together is America’s beloved Twix bar. As I was preparing for my annual homemade Christmas gift extravaganza, I stumbled across a recipe for homemade Twix bars, and they have proven themselves to be a fan favorite. They were such […]

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{recipe} Sweet and Spicy Chocolate Black Bean Dip

Yes you read that title right- Sweet and Spicy Chocolate Black Bean Dip. I feel like you need to understand my inspiration for this recipe before I go on… So a few years back during one of my many health kick phases, a.k.a. damn my ass got big I need to do something about it, I […]

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{gluten free recipe} Irish Soda Bread Cakes

I’m about to share a recipe flop with you. Enticing, isn’t it? Let me explain. Lately I’ve been playing with whole-grain/rice-free gluten-free recipes and I turned my attention to Irish soda bread. Years ago, I created a recipe that makes a large loaf of Americanized soda bread. It’s delicious. Among other things, it contains caraway […]

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Remy's hello Kitty birthday cake

{baking basics 101} Let Them Eat Birthday Cake

I have a very large and scary birthday coming up in two weeks.  Last fall I pledged to lose twenty pounds to confront it and, while I did manage to lose 8 pounds, I am  painfully aware that I fell short of my goal.  I think I will drown my sorrows in birthday cake. I […]

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toasted nuts for the biscotti

{edible gift} Biscotti, Cookies for Adults

I am not a real fan of cookies. I mean sometimes I will eat one but I am usually disappointed and think they are not worth the calories.  So when people bring Christmas cookies to my house, I let my husband, sons and granddaughter polish them off without regret.  There is one kind of Christmas […]

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{from scratch holidays} Cranberry Squares

Thanksgiving and its attendant leftovers are my favorite things about that holiday. I’m sure my family isn’t alone in that planning the Thanksgiving meal also means planning for maximum leftover efficiency. We all have our favorites – my son is the stuffing king, my daughter hoards the mashed potatoes and gravy, and my husband loves […]

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{recipe} Gluten-Free Crispy Treat Pops

Hi Folks! I’m thrilled Christina asked me to contribute to the FSC blog. For my first entry, I thought I’d share a bit of a culinary confession. Ready? I don’t like…cake pops. It’s not that I don’t think they’re adorable, I do! It’s just that I find the interior of the pops, usually a mixture […]

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{community voices} Serious Business Chocolate Gelato

Editor’s Note: While the FSC Crew recover from yesterday’s amazing ‘Food In Jars’ Day with blogger & author Marisa McClellan, Guest Contributor Gina Martin has a treat for you chocolate lovers out there. If you missed her the first few go-arounds, she has written about drinks inspired by Downton Abby & Boardwalk Empire and Veggie […]

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paleo dry mix

{paleo recipe} My Everything Baking Mix

I’ve been mulling over creating a great gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free baking mix in my brain for almost a year now. Finally a moment of inspiration came to me and I made a bee line for my kitchen to put together this gem of a recipe. I say gem because it is the most versatile mix […]

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{Dairy & Gluten Free} Brownie Swirl Cheesecake

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and now is a good time to start thinking about what to make for the “moms” in your life. Whether this person is your own mother or grandmother, or a neighbor, friend or coworker…..there are ladies in our lives that need to be celebrated! For those with food restrictions […]

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Yum, carrot cake. No matzo at all in it.

{recipe} Flourless Carrot Cake for Passover

As I said around this time last year, Passover is my favorite holiday. It is like Thanksgiving on steroids;  Thanksgiving with four thousand years worth of family recipes and stories and traditions and ritual mandates.  It also has challenging food restrictions thrown in. The basic idea behind the food restrictions associated with Passover is that […]

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{gluten & dairy free} Soft Double Chocolate Cookies

Warmer days have started to descend on us, here in the Capital Region of NY, and everyone is cheering, hoping Spring is here to stay. The happiest of those in my house are my children.  They have been playing outside constantly, soaking up the fresh air and the sunny skies.  I wanted an easy, delicious […]

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a finished alegria bar

{edible gift} Alegria, a traditional Mexican amaranth dessert

On the one hand, I really like cookies, like the way they look, like the way the taste, like their size and variety.  On the other hand, I am on the far side of 50, have a sedentary day job and would like to survive to enjoy 25 years or more of active retirement, so […]

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